Woof! Where on kibble did the summer go?  Have you noticed that the air is chilly in the morning and night?  That means fall is upon us and winter will be here soon.  Know what else will be here soon too? The holidays! Holidays can be pawsome, for most of us pets it can be stressful.  Did you know that we can take this item called, melatonin?  Get this! Melatonin for dogs can help us relax and it is safe. #melatoninfordogs

Mr MaGoo is very relax with melatonin

Did you know that melatonin is produced in our bodies naturally?  Yep, I wouldn’t pull your tail on this.  See, melatonin is a hormone that is produced in the pineal gland.  Woofeee, what the kibble is that? Turns out this gland looks like a pine cone, located in our brain and helps with wake and sleep.  This pine cone, pineal gland, makes melatonin naturally.  Get this! Humans have one too, they call it “third eye”; I pawonder if they can see out of it? Woof!

Ok, Mom has shared how I just do not like being left alone.  Well, she has discovered that melatonin helps me with my separation anxiety.  Afraid of loud noises? A lot of people? Melatonin can help us dogs relax.

Furiends, Carla Mae is getting all confused when she is supposed to sleep.  She now sleeps during the day and is up most of the night.  Melatonin will help Carla reset her clock.  Wait! She is walking around with a clock inside her?  How on kibble did a clock get inside her?Carla Mae suffers from dementia

Before your parents order melatonin, please talk to Doc first!  It is very important that Doc knows if your parents want to give you melatonin.  Doc can help your parents determine if it will be ok to take and how much to give you.  Oh yeah, are you keeping your parents up at night? Do they need a good night’s sleep?  Yep, they can take it too to get sleep.  One important thing that your parents need to sniff out, make sure that xylitol is not in the pills.  Not sure how many of you furiends know this, xylitol is very bad for us, in fact it could kill us.

(yawn) Just took my melatonin, time for me to get ready (yawn) for night night.  Furiends, do you have problems with parents leaving? How about loud noises?  How do your parents help you? Sweet dreamzzz20151115_183039