Woof! Furiends, I have to paw up about an eye infection that happened to me and now my sister, Carla Mae.  Did you ever get a piece of dust in your eyes? Or, a piece of grass from all the playing in the field?  Stings, right?  Well, I am about to share with you an eye infection that happens to us Lhasa Apsos and Shih Tzus that makes that piece of dust fell like a day in the park. Barking about park; did you go today and have lots of fun?  Furiends, photos in this blog are not for the weak paw and tail

Dog eye ulcer
I was beginning to squint in this photo

A few years ago, Mom noticed that I was squinting; when it comes to camera time, I certainly do not squint. I am all eyes and ready to strike a pose.  

Mr MaGoo Happy
See? Big eyes for camera

Any bark, Mom took me to Doc and they said I had a thing called an ulcer.  Mom was giving me drop after drop and my eye wasn’t getting better.  The next thing I knew, Mom put me in the car and let’s just bark that the wind was going very fast through my fur.  Another Doc saw me and told Mom that if she had made the wind go slow, I would have lost my eye.  GULP  Doc told Mom that there was some bad dude in my eye making a meal out of my eye. Grrr dude, go to the grocery store if you are hungry!  After several weeks, my long lushful eye lashes created bad dudes in my eye. Furiends, this did not happen all at once, this went on for weeks and I was not happy and in a lot pain.  

Dog eye ulcer
Woof! I wasn’t feeling Grr8

Now, this bad dude came to visit my sister, Carla; however, this dude must have been very hungry because dude did not take his time on her eye.  She developed within hours a melting ulcer, she did not even make one whimper; Mom just happened to notice her eye wasn’t her pretty blue.  What the kibble is a melting ulcer?  Furiends, I had to Goo(gel) this one!  Hold on to your blankie, this isn’t pleasant, I must say Carla is my hero after I have pawed up what this is!  

Carla's melting ulcer
Ouch! Carla’s ulcer

Our eyes have an item called cornea and the job is to allow light in. When the cornea isn’t feeling well, an ulcer can occur causing pain of the eye.  The eye may also become cloudy, sort of like the sky when it is about to leak.  Hmm, wonder if the sky and cornea know each other?  Woof! Any paw, when an ulcer begins to melt, or gets really hungry, will begin to eat the cornea.  What the kibble?!  This is really bad furiends because when this happens, the eye really gets mad and will erupt. 

(Shudderrrr, gave me chills) Still with me?  Woofeee, how did Carla do it?  She was so brave!  Good news, as long as the eye doesn’t get hungry and begin eating, Doc can save the eye; sometimes, Doc needs to go in and do surgery, which Carla had to have on both eyes!  Doc noticed that her other eye was not behaving too.  After surgery, lots of drops and pills.  

Carla coming home after surgery

So, what caused these bad dudes to show up in Carla’s eyes?  As much as Carla doesn’t want to discuss this, aging causes all sort of aliments in dogs too.  As us dogs age, we have problems like our parents, furiends just let them think it is only them.  BOL  Carla’s eyelids were beginning to drop and roll inward, this is called entropion (Goo-gle a lot on this blog!).  The only way Doc could help Carla, Doc had to perform surgery and pull her eyelids back up.  Is it I or are you about to faint too?  After this surgery is completed to treat entropion, this will help heal the eye and the bad dudes will leave and no longer munch on the cornea.

Carla healing from eye ulcer surgery
Woofee Carla is healing

How is Carla doing?  She is much better!  Her eyes are beginning to show her pretty blues and the swelling is going away.  Mom is helping her get better with lots of drops and medicine; of course, I am there right beside her to keep bad dudes away.

Mr MaGoo rests with Carla Mae
Watching over Carla

Have you ever heard of melting ulcers? Or, entropion?  Did you ever have an eye infection?  Any tips you can share with other furiends?  Go ahead and paw up your tips to help keep eyes healthy.

Mr MaGoo



2 Replies to “Melting Ulcer and Entropion, Serious Dog Eye Infections”

  1. Woofs to my pawpals!
    My dear departed big sister Tashi, a lhasa apso had this melting ulcer many years ago. She had underwent an operation but it was a recurrent problem and her daily twice a day eyedrops was very painful for her. It became very bad the last few months of her life, she was 17 years old. Mummy feels very sad every time she cleans Tashi’s eyes coz she knew it was very ouch for her. She’s in doggy heaven now.
    I had eye problems as well. I had bilateral cataract operation in may this year but one eye got infected. I was in such pain and didn’t want to do anything except whine. Luckily Mummy saw I was hurting and quickly took me to the doc. They found my right eye’s pressure was high and causing a lot of ouch. Despite eyedrops and antibiotics, it didn’t get better and mummy made the decision to remove it because she’s a nurse and know my eye wasn’t salvagable and I was in deep ouch.
    Now I have only 1 eye, but the cataract op was a success on my other eye and now I can play fetch with my red rugby ball again.
    Hang in there, Carla Mae. Things are going to get better. You have yr family who really loves u. Stay strong. Licks and kisses, Bodhi, Roxy and Pancho

    1. Hi Bodhi, Roxy and Pancho,

      So sorry to hear that you too had to experience this painful eye infection; both with Tashi (run free little girl) and yourself. You are right! It is painful, both Carla Mae and I can bark to that! Just like you, our Mom took to Doc immediately and we are feeling so much better now.

      Carla Mae is doing a lot better and back to her spunky self. Wait! I am spunky, Mister Spunky BOL

      Mr MaGoo

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