Woof! We are know that I am the master writer of the family.  Have you seen all the pawsome reviews and awards that my book has received?  I think Mom is jealous; who could blame her, after all I am alpha of all.  ROFBOL

Why do I think Mom is jealous?  She went and wrote her own book, didn’t even ask me if I wanted to help with any of it.  That is right furiends, she went and did this on her own!  How does she possibly think that she will be able to make it without me?  She must have figured it out, because she made me a cartoon character, I am Mister Spunky in her book.  And furiends, her book is a children’s picture book; plus, a coloring book too.  

Mister Spunky and His Friends children's picture book
Mister Spunky and His Friends

She took my book, Real Dogs Don’t Whisper, and made it for children that are five years and older (hmmm, wouldn’t they be 35 years old?  seems a little too old to look at pictures if you ask me). Of course Mom couldn’t think of something new, she not only used us and created cartoons, she took my story line too!  

Yep, that is right; Mister Spunky and His Friends help children understand about the importance of wuv, friendship and helping those with special needs.  Now, I do have to admit that Mom made me ultra cool (as if she had a choice!); I am heading to the beach in a convertible with my scarf blowing in the wind.  Oh yeah, I am too sexy for my scarf, too sexy; I do the dog walk, watch me prance.  BOL  Where was I?  Oh yes, heading to the beach. 

See, I am heading to the beach for funnigans and frozen dog treats, must be one of the frozen treats that Mom makes for us.  Have you seen some of the yummy frozen dog treat recipes she makes for us?  Yummy!!  Ok, ok, ok, back to Mom’s children’s book. Along the way to the beach, I come across Buffy; teaching her to trust.  Buffy and I come across Carla Mae; teaching her the importance of love. Carla Mae, Buffy and I, heading to the beach come across Miss Sunshine (Betty Boop); we stop to help her because she is blind.  All four of us learn the value of love, trust, helping each other and friendship.

Mister Spunky and His Friends Children Picture Book

You know furiends, have to admit, Mom did a pawsome job!  Maybe it is I that may be a tad jealous….hmmm…nope…no way no how.  Get this!  Mom also has a blog for children and coloring activities for children to do.  Furiends, tell your parents to check out this new yard.

Coloring activities for Mister Spunky
Children color Mister Spunky

Also, Mister Spunky and His Friends, is part of the R.E.A.D. program and Corridor Therapy Dogs; have you heard of them?  If not, dig them up and sniff out the pawsome work they do for children and reading.  There are very famous furirend there too; stop by and say Woofloo to Stella, Jesse and Danny.  They are way too cool. 

I pawmorised Mom I would keep this a secret, this is too Grr8 not to share (sure, I will be in the dog house for a tad, she will thank me later); for the holidays, with the purchase of Mister Spunky and His Friends, children will receive a box of coloring pencils and Mister Spunky.  Whoa!  This dude is trying to be me, must admit looks like me.  Woofee

Holiday gift with purchase of Mister Spunky book
Mister Spunky holiday gift

Do you have children in your family?  If so, if you read my book; parents, are going to wuv Mom’s children’s picture book.  What?  You haven’t read my book.  Ok, don’t tell Mom this; here is a special bone to use here: JW67FYL5 Will save you 5 bones.  https://www.createspace.com/3571559

Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo Real Dogs Don't Whisper
Bark at you later