Woof! How are ya?  A few weeks ago I mentioned that we moved, let me tell ya, I was never so glad that I was a dog at that point.  Mom was doing crazy things with newspaper, boxes; and, our toys and beds.  Hold on Mom, we need to bark this out; what are you doing with our stuff?  

Little did we know that Mom was taking us to a new home; I never barked this to her, I didn’t like the old place.  There was no sunshine, Carla and I like to sit in the sun light.  Plus, I couldn’t see the World go by and protect my home.  Folks, for a human, Mom does ok at times; this new place she scored big bones and kibbles with us.  We have tons of light, I get to sit at the front and watch; plus, we have a BIG park right outside our door.  Wuv the new place!! Gets two double woofs!

Mr MaGoo chilling in the sun
Just chillin in the sun; oh how I missed this Woof!

I understand that moving can be stressful for you humans, I am here to paw up, for us pets too.  Mom did a good job keeping us relaxed during this process. Let me share with you some tips that you can pass on to your parents.

One thing that Mom did was stay on routine.  Breakfast same time?  Check  Dinner same time? Check Long walks?  Check  Time for me to get in trouble?  Check  BOL!  She did this at the old place and new place; this helped us stay on track.  

Exercise, exercise, exercise; even though Mom was busy with all that newspaper and stuff, she always took us for walks.  I can tell ya folks, this helped us stay calm.  She did this at our new place too; took us on walks, let us sniff out the new digs, and of course I had to let all know that I am here now.  Mr MaGoo is here..woofloo.  

Mr MaGoo with frizzy hair
Did I make you laff? ROFBOL

Another item to share with your parents; if at all possible, if the parents can take some of your blankets and toys to the new place a few days ahead to get your scent in, that helps.  Mom took all blankets and placed one in each room, when we arrived, smelled like us.  And, that was mighty good..ahh, Goo perfume..ahh  Wait! Maybe I should make a cologne?  Whacha think?  Oh I can see it now, fans lined up waiting for my debut.  Ok, ok, ok back to moving tips (I will have to sniff this out later)

Then get this; Mom made a room just for us!  Yep, we had all own room and boy did we feel safe.  We walked in and there were our toys, beds, blankets; it was yours!  Of course, I quickly established that I was the room monitor.  Who else would be better than I?  Exactly! 

Oh oh, I need to end this; I hear Mom finishing our breakfast.  Off to breakfast and remember to tell your parents about these tips.

Paw up; have you moved?  What did your parents do to help you through it?  Let’s share tips..woof!

Mr MaGoo


Mr MaGoo
Until the next time….