Here I am, sitting here inside on a beautiful day. I should be out running and playing;

making sure Sparky keeps to his side of the street and keeps his paws off my territory and

away from my girls. Woof! That’s right, Sparky, keep on walking. But no, I ‘m sitting in

front of the ol’ word processor again, getting ready to put pen to paper or rather in my

case, paws to keyboard, all because my human had the bright idea of starting up a blog to

help promote our book. But just between you and me, it’s really my book.

“I t will be a great way to market our (my) book,” she said to me one night while chilling

in front of the tube. “Readers would love to read regular postings from you, don’t you


Well, of course they will, I think to myself. People love me! Heck, I love me! So, here

I am on this quiet Saturday morning, working instead of playing. I better set my paws to

clickety clacking on the keys and put something down, cause I only have less than an hour

left before it’s treat time again and possibly nap time, if I can get a decent amount of work


So this is how it’s gonna go down. Twice a month I ‘ll be reporting to you faithful

readers from my word processor, that is, if I get my sisters all taken care of and my human

lets me have control of the keyboard for an hour or two. Really she thinks this is our blog,

but between you me, I ‘m the writer in the family.

Well, that’s it humans. If ya want know what’s going on with me and the family. Or

want updates on my book, then hang with me I got ya covered.

Mr. MaGoo

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper