Mr MaGoo’s Shenanigans: Klepto Kitty

Klepto Kitty

Woof! Usually I wouldn’t ask my readers spend their time reading something that isn’t about fabulous little me, but this is a neat story! Have you guys heard of Klepto Kitty? Otherwise known as Dusty, a cat who lives in Redwood City, CA. I’m not much for cats, myself.  When will they realize they truly need to stop trying to compete with the master race of the universe, which is of course, dogs! Well, this little Siamese cat isn’t so bad because he sort of acts like a dog. At night Dusty goes out and takes things from his neighbors’ yards to bring back home as a present for his humans! His owners say he has taken over 500 items in the last few years. Talk about being a Klepto Kitty! His humans retrieve all of the stuff he brings home and wait for the neighbors to show up looking for their missing belongings. The neighbors all know where to look when they realize they are missing some shoes or a glove from their yard! Dusty’s favorite things to take are towels and bathing suits that are hanging up to dry. Most cats lie around and sleep all day, without even getting excited when their human comes home. BORING! But I like Dusty. He’s okay in my book. He understands what we marvelous canines have always known… You have to please the humans and act real cute in order to get attention and treats! Oh yeah! Watch me now! Cutest Lhasa Apso there ever was!

Klepto Kitty

This year, Dusty served as the Grand Marshal of Redwood City’s Annual Pet Parade! The parade helped fundraise donations and encouraged people to adopt more animals from the Peninsula Humane Society, where Dusty was originally adopted from. What a great idea! Redwood City should really hire me to be their next Grand Marshal. No one would be able to resist me! I would be the best fundraiser the Humane Society has ever seen. If you want to donate to the Peninsula Humane Society too, visit them online to learn about all of the different ways you can help! Us dogs and dog lovers gotta stick together, woof! Well, it looks like it’s about that time again… treat time!

Talk to you later, kids!

Mr. Magoo

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