Mr MaGoo's summer rules
Woof! It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the days are longer and you know what that means – lots of walks with my sisters and human. But you must be very, very careful, because it can get HOT out there for us dogs. Mom always makes sure my sisters and I aren’t panting our heads off in the bad heat. Buffy being the oldest (but not the boss) is very sensitive to the heat because of her cancer and Cushing’s disease. So, as soon as the temp outside reaches 80+ degrees, on goes the A/C for the poor girl. Us Lhasa’s, Carla Mae and I sometimes scoot a little closer to one the vents to catch some cool breeze. It makes us howl like crazy when the cool air blows our fur straight back!

But there are some dogs out there that aren’t so lucky to have a mom like we do. Do you know that some humans actually leave their dogs in the hot car! Woof, Woof, that’s a no, no! What’s wrong with these stupid clowns?

So, to survive the summer heat, have your human follow Mr. Magoo’s Summer Rules:

1. There ain’t nothing better than being outside on a beautiful summer’s day. But please provide some shade somewhere for your dog to escape, to snooze for awhile.

2. Don’t forget that we get thirsty just like you do on a hot day, so how about placing some bowls of water around the yard so your dogs can hydrate themselves.

3. Please walk us either early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid us burning our paws. Ouch!

That’s it folks. Until next time. Remember to stay cool cause it’s gonna be a scorcher of a summer!Carla Mae from Real Dogs Don't Whisper