Woof! Woof! As by now, you have read Mom’s tribute to Buffy; and, viewed the video Mom and I put together. Now it is time for me to pawgraph not only my tribute to my sweet sister, but to share things that Mom isn’t even aware of. Buffy and I had a tight relationship and there were some things that were just between her and I. Woof! Sorry Mom, we had it that way.

Buffy and I having a fire side play and chat

 Pull up a blanket and get comfortable folks, I have a tail waggin’ love story to tell. Our relationship began July 2001, when I was brought home, I was introduced to Buffy. She walked right up to me and barked about the rules of the house. Me beginning a young pup, I had my own agenda. Let me tell you, she didn’t put up with my shenanigans. If I got out of line, she would put me on my back and just stand there until I pawlogized. Between her and Mom giving me guidance and discipline in my pup years, I thought my name was “No Goo”. BOL

Buffy welcomes me

 Throughout the years, Mom would rescue other dogs and Buffy was right there to welcome them and put them at ease, ensuring they were safe and our Mom would find their parents. I learned from her to be patient and kind to these lost furiends. 

MaGoo, Buffy, and friend
Buffy and I with a furiend that was lost

 Buffy always watched over Betty Boop; I loved to play with Betty Boop, she allowed me to wrestle and win. BOL If I became too ruff, Buffy would step in and have me calm down and gently sniffed Betty Boop making sure she was fine. Buffy always let Mom know if Betty was going to have a seizure; as Buffy became older, she taught me this skill too. I didn’t do it as nice as Buffy did; Buffy would go to Mom’s leg and nudge her. Me? I would bark and bark until Mom came. 

Buffy and Betty Boop
Betty Boop’s protector..Buffy

 Buffy taught me how to be a protector and respect my Mom; as she became ill over the years, I would get very upset. See, what Mom doesn’t know is that I wasn’t upset with or at Buffy; I was very upset that she wasn’t feeling well. And, what didn’t help was Buffy would tell me she wasn’t feeling well and one day she would be going to meet Betty Boop. Oh, I wasn’t happy about this, Grrrr; while Mom often saw me grumbling as I walked away from Buffy, she didn’t know the discussion that Buffy and I just had.

When Mom would leave the house, Buffy always asked me to wake her up if she was sleeping when Mom returned home. As she became older, she needed her rest and slept very soundly. Arf! I sat there and watched over her very closely while Mom was away. I never left her side; snuggled right up against her so she would feel me and be able to rest knowing I was right there. I am Mr MaGoo, Buffy’s body guard…..hear me bark! Sure enough, Mom would come home and I would bark and bark at Buffy. Mom would tell me “be nice” and let her sleep. Let me tell you, this confused me so; Buffy would tell me to wake her up, Mom would say let her sleep. What was a guy to do? Woof!

Buffy asleep
Shhh, Buffy is sound asleep

 I even had my own medical emergency, Buffy had just returned home from the hospital herself and she didn’t miss a wag.  She checked on me, Buffy was like that; she thought of us first, before herself.  Buffy was a giver and a pleaser; which I have to say at times would work on my last paw.  Arf!  Why did she have to be so freakin’ nice and pleasant? Just one time, I would have loved to see her do the “talk to the paw”; but no, she was too humble.  Boy, I still have a lot to learn. Woof!

Buffy by MaGoo's side
Buffy right by my side as I healed


Buffy with bows
Bows, Bows, Bows

 That day as Mom walked Buffy past us, Mom called us over and asked that we tell Buffy we wuv her and how proud we are of her. Not only did I do that; I also gave Buffy a big thank you for being such a great sister and mentor for both Carla and I. Then, Carla and I gave Buffy a big hug and kiss; we both told her to watch over us from The Bridge. She whispered; she would always be with us.  See, Mom didn’t know this; Buffy shared with us as she was getting in the car, it was time. As soon as she said this, Mom was confused why I ran to the car and jumped in…I wanted to be there…

Buffy and MaGoo on blanket
Christmas 2011, Buffy received this new blanket and I had to have it BOL

Buffy, my brave sister…I wuv you

Buffy on the computer
Buffy helped keep me on schedule

Mr MaGoo