Woof! Isn’t February a pawsome month? There are so many national holidays that celebrate pet love and pet health: Valentine’s Day, Pet Dental Month; Spay/Neuter Awareness Month and National Love Your Pet Day. Who is with me, we should have these every month! #NationalLoveYourPetDay

Feb 20 2016 is National Love Your Pet Day

I know, your are probably scratching your ears wondering what National Love Your Pet Day could possibly be? After all, our parents love us everyday; pawonder, does this holiday for us, mean we get an unlimited shopping spree? BOL Woof! Well, guess what? This day is indeed set aside for us to receive special attention.

Special attention to us? Woofeee, let the pawty begin! As hard as it is for me to not tell Mom I want a spa day, then a shopping spree, then puparrizi waiting for me while I strike a pose and then served meals in bed, I need to remember furiends that do not have a Mom like ours. Woof! I can’t believe I am going to say this, yep, we have everything we need.  So, what about giving love to a #homelesspet in need of love?

Don’t get me wrong, we will ensure that Mom gives us just a tad extra attention on February 20th, National Love Your Pet Day.  What I am suggesting furiends, we share our love that we receive from our parents to other furiends that want love too.  Why not share your toy with them? Or, a blanket that you don’t need.  Come on, let’s be honest here, you use your parent’s blanket instead of yours. What if we are got together on Feb 20th, shared our love for pets that need love, need a home, need food and shelter?Homeless pets need toys too

Woof! What a pawsome holiday it would be! Now, I bark to you; are you with me? Who will join me and my family on National Love Your Pet Day (Feb 20th) and share love to #petsinneed? Woof! What will you share? Toys? Food? Hugs and kisses?  No matter what you do, I would love to hear about your experience.

Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo

National Love Your Pet Day