Woof! Mr MaGoo coming at you straight from the kitchen, lots of good stuff in here folks.  Sniff, sniff, sniff; oh my, where do I begin first?  I guess this big item that looks like a tall box, I wonder what this is called?  Woof! All I know is that my nose is picking up some mighty Grr8 things inside this big box. Shall we explore?

All together now, help me open this up.  Whew! Thank you!  Now, what is in here?  Oh look! There they are, carrots!  Did you know that carrots are pawsome for us?  Mom gives them to Carla and I all the time.  She says that carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals ranging from Vitamins C and B6 to iron and potassium. Get this! I had to bark at Mom that raw carrots can serve as a “toothbrush” for us too.   I even wrote about carrots in mybook; for those that read my book, you know which chapters I am referring to.  All of them!  BOL

Mr MaGoo’s Mom here, enough about the doggie treats Goo! They’re baby carrots for Heaven’s sake. That’s why they’re in the fridge and that’s why two pounds is more than enough at one time!

See what I have to go through folks?  Where was I before Mom interrupted us..

Let’s see, what is in this drawer?  Green beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes, my sniffer is on overload and it is taking everything just not to gobble all this up.  But, even I know even too much of a good thing, is not a good thing.  Wait! Really?  I might have to rethink that.  Mischief? Lots means more funnigans; so, this must not be included.  BOL

MaGoo licks the bowl
Mmmm, bowl lickin’ good

Ok, ok, ok, let me share this with you; green beans are a good source of plant fibre, vitamin K, vitamin C, and manganese. Did you know that green beans are a great low calorie way for us to fill up and help us maintain a healthy weight? Yep, it is true; this is how I keep my sexy figure.  I’m too sexy for my scarf, too sexy for the dog walk, too sexy.  Oh I just crack myelf up.  

Mr MaGoo wearing scarf
Too sexy for my scarf, too sexy

Look over here, berries and melons.  I don’t think I am going to leave this box.  Blueberries are my favorite, I wuv the deep blue color.  There is a healthy reason why they are deep blue, it is because this makes them potent with antioxidants, and the berries also supply Vitamin C, Vitamin E, manganese and fiber. 

Woof! All this pawing about these Grrr8 foods and treats have left me with a need; a need to get my rub a dub grub on. 

Before I go to nom, nom on some carrots; are any of these your favorite?  Do you have any favorites that I haven’t barked up? I wuv to hear from you…


Mr MaGoo