November is Pet Cancer Awareness month, this is a topic that no one should ever have to worry about or deal with. When you hear the words, “your pet has cancer”, it feels like someone tore your heart out of your body. The news is devasting, to say the least, and the news alone takes your breath away. Your mind races without sorts of questions, not sure which to ask first; what could you have done differently; was there a sign you missed; and, the emotions that run through your veins are nothing short of a rollercoaster. As going through this, what if I told you that there is hope, would you believe me? Well, this is!

Pet Cancer Does Not Mean Stop Living

After receiving the news, one of the first questions that may arise, how long does my pet have to live? Pet cancer treatment has come so far throughout the years, adding quality of life and longevity to our precious pet’s life. The first thing to do, discuss with your vet all the options; this includes diet, supplements, food, and even exercise. Believe it or not, getting your pet out to enjoy themselves, run, hike, social activities all aids in keeping your pet’s spirits up, as well as yours. As the saying goes, negativity attracts negativity. Guess what? So does positive energy! By all means, encourage your pet to remain active, living in the moment, enjoying the sun and fresh wind. Of course, there may be days when they want to rest, that is fine; take those days and you too rest. After all, you both need each other.

Pet Cancer Awareness Begins With Knowledge

This infographic was created by Nationwide Pet Insurance, it is a great infographic to help any pet parent become informed about pet cancer. Let’s face it, pet cancer sucks! Oh, there is so much more I could say, I will keep this “PG” rated though. One thing it does not do, cancer will not define you or your pet. Become knowledgeable, talk to your vet and become a #cancerfightingninja, like Farley! You may notice the top ten cancers that often inflict our pets, lymphoma is rated at number two, this is what Farley has. Upon learning his diagnosis, I became informed and fought back

Pet cancer awareness begins with education and discussions with your vet.


Treatments Available For Pet Cancer

Today, we are given multiple choices to treat our pets, pet cancer still does not have a cure. That doesn’t mean that treatment for pet cancer has not advanced. There is chemo, whether IV drip or pills; there is radiation; and sometimes, a pet needs to undergo both. However, not all pets are able to handle chemo or radiation. In Farley’s case, after one chemo treatment, I almost lost him due to the treatment. That left me wondering, how am I to fight this? What are my options? Back to research and found that there are natural treatments available with high success rate. That natural option, cannabis. Yes, you read that correct, medical cannabis. Farley just celebrated his seventeenth month since being diagnosed, his medical cannabis has improved his quality of life with “0” side effects. Not only does he have the nickname #cancerfightingninja, he is also known as #cannabisdog.

Cannabis For Dogs

May wonder if cannabis is a fit for your dog or pet? First and foremost, always check with your vet; in fact, more and more vets are becoming more open to using cannabis for treatment and pet cancer. However, always ask first! Pet cancer is nothing to try and treat on your own, you need to work closely with your vet. To help prepare you for the conversation, check out this article CBD For Dogs. The article breaks down first the dynamics of cannabis, why consider it, types, and so much more.CBD for dogsBottom line, no matter what treatment you go with and treating your pet’s cancer, embrace every day, create incredible memories; always give your pet a big hug and kiss at night. And in the morning, give another big hug and kiss, each day with a pet that has cancer is a present. Pet cancer may try to take away our joy, don’t let it. Do not let pet cancer define your day with your pet, you and your pet define the day!

Farley, Shih Tzu is a cancer fighting ninja