Woof! Furiends, how are you?  We had to move last month and Mom buried my iPaw; of course, having the Grr8 nose that I have, I was able to sniff for it and dig it out from all of her boxes.  Woof! Moving is no fun; especially for us geriatric dogs (#geriatricdogs), we just do not handle stress like young pups.  (sniff, sniff…kitchen is producing yummy smells) For some reason I have food on my brain! Did you know that nutrition for geriatric dogs (#nutritionforgeriatricdogs) change too?  Pups, don’t get old, it is no picnic; or, walk in the park.  Woof!

Geriatric dogs have different needs than younger dogs

One nutritional need for geriatric dogs, a diet that will help with (oh this is embarrassing) tummy problems.  Yikes! I certainly do not want any funny smell coming out or a bad accident.  To ensure that our tummies are healthy, a diet high in fiber helps.  Foods like yogurt, berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) and oatmeal are pawsome choices to add to our diet.

Feeding geriatric dogs yogurt has health benefits
Carla enjoying her yogurt

Another problem us geriatric dogs face a lot, the bad dudes come and visit us; and, since we are older, we just do not have the spunk to fight these bad dudes off.  What is a bad dude? Infections, cancer; disease of the heart, lung, kidney, liver. What is an older dog to do?  Bark to our parents to feed us super foods to keep the bad dudes away.  What are these super foods? Woof! Fish (not tuna!), broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts (have to be careful not to feed us to much because we may make stinkys BOL); sweet potatoes and berries (follow the kibble path above).

Frozen blueberry dog treat
We howl for more

Are you hungry yet?  All this talk about food, is making me hungry! I have one more item that is important for us senior dogs and that is protein.  Now some will bark that us older dogs need less protein, I am here to put my paw down and bark this is not so.  In fact, protein helps us keep our muscles tone, our skin and coat healthy; and, assists both our central nervous and immune systems.  The foods that are Grr8 for protein; eggs, liver, chicken, beef and fish (no to tuna).

How much to feed us?  Well, that is something that you and Doc need to sit and discuss.  I have different nutritional needs than Carla; Carla receives more of this and that, while I get fed more of that and this.  One thing that we wuv though is our yogurt treat!  Of course, I still wuv me some carrots too. Woof!

Furiends, out of these pawsome foods; are you eating any of these?  Which ones are your favorite?

Time for me to get a treat, have a pawonderful day.Mr MaGoo one big smile to brighten anyone's day

Mr MaGoo