Woof! Furiends, some of you already know about how Mom and us rescued a young furiend off the streets earlier this week. Whew! It was a long day for us all; we walked a lot, sat a lot just waiting and beyond it all, we were very understanding with the little girl. Ok, all of us except Mini Me, he was just nasty, let me tell you I gave Mini Me a piece of my mind later that night. I gently reminded him that he was on the streets too and how did he feel being out there lost. Yep, that settled his little butt; young pups of today, what are we to do with youth? Oh paw, of course, wuv them and gently provide guidance. Woof!

Mr MaGoo shares his home with Twinkle
Twinkle looking for her furever home

This whole rescue had me pawondering how we all could help furiends in need; how we could Paw It Forward, I believe humans call it Pay It Forward. The first paw we all need to take is, kindness, it all begins with being kind. I know what some of you may be thinking, I don’t have enough kibble and bones to Paw It Forward. No worries, let me share with you pawonderful ideas that you and your parents can easily do. In fact, one tip I am going to share can easily be done every day and doesn’t cost any kibble. In fact, kibble is what is being given out to shelters for furiends.

Check this yard out, FreeKibble.com; every day they post a new trival question and for every correct answer, 10 pieces of kibble are donated to shelters. Since 2008, 1,588,825,460 pieces of kibble donated by pet food company Halo, Purely for Pets to over 50 shelters nationwide. Every day, they post up a new question for both dogs and cats; Mom has started to play, she is learning interesting facts that she didn’t know. Imagine that! I tried to tell her that I am the one in the family that knows all, Mr MaGoo aka Mr Worldly BOL

Play FreeKibble daily to help feed pets in need

Another pawsome way to Paw It Forward (or for your parent, Pay It Forward), donate toys, blankets, towels, beds, toys, and so much more. I will be the first to admit, we have more toys, blankets and beds then we need. Mom already took a big box of toys to Humane Society Silicon Valley. Did you know that Petco has Petco Food Bank for families that are in need? Furiends, to find a food bank in your area, simply visit this yard to for ones close to your yard. Our furiends often sleep on the cold concrete or in cramped cages as they await adoption, why not give away your towels, blankets and beds and give a gift of warmth?

Ready for another tip that is pawsome? Check this yard out; theanimalrescuesite.com. Get this! Just like FreeKibble, Every time you click the “Click Here to Give—It’s Free!” button, the site’s sponsors will donate money to animal charities nationwide. How pawtentastic this is?

Of course, let’s not furget the obvious ways you can tell your parents to help; for them to volunteer, to donate or adopt a pet. I barked to Mom that I would like to volunteer too; she asked what would I do, I said that I could sing to my furiends. No matter what you do, you are helping a furiend in need; nothing is greater or priceless than helping and giving comfort. I began this blog about one first paw print, kindness; I leave you with this, kindness is a powerful paw print to take, one paw print of kindness a day can indeed change the World, don’ ya think?

Paw prints to kindness
It all starts with kindness

How about it  furiends, are you with me in helping change the World? I know that I am Mr MaGoo The Conqueror, I think this would  be pawsome if we did this together. Now, show of paws, who is joining me? Why not start with daily visits to FreeKibble or thenamimalrescuesite? Do you have other ideas to Paw It Forward (Pay It Forward)? What have you and your parents done to help furiends in need?


Mr MaGoo


Mr MaGoo and Mini Me
Let’s begin with kindness