Pet cannabis consulting service educating pet parents and veterinarians for a pet's cannabis treatment.

Pet cannabis is gaining momentum, no sign of it slowing anytime soon. Nor, should it! The challenge, more and more cannabis products for pets have been hitting the market. The question is, are they quality? Does the label match the product test results?

Enter, is a consulting service that provides guidance to both pet parents and veterinarians, providing product selection, dosing, and an individualized pet CBD plan.


Farley’s Green Paw Consulting Pet Cannabis Service

There is a new pet consulting business that recently launched, Farley’s Green Paw Consulting. The group specializes in guiding a pet parent and their veterinarian when it comes to a pet’s CBD treatment plan.

New CBD pet products keep appearing and it can be overwhelming when trying to select a product for your pet. Isolate? Full spectrum? How much to give? What form to give? The list of questions is never-ending.

As it stands now, veterinarians are not able to recommend or prescribe cannabis, legally. Most pet parents turn to their vets for questions and recommendations, yet, at the federal level veterinarians’ hands are tied.

In steps, Farley’s Green Paw Consulting works with both the vet and the pet parent in determining the best CBD treatment. This group updates the pet’s primary vet with progress, documenting and sharing the pet’s journey.

Cannabis Driven Mission

Pet cannabis, CBD, products help with fighting cancer, pain, anxiety, stress and so much more.

The owner and founder know all too well what cancer does to a pet, Farley #cancerfightingninja, a Shih Tzu warrior that battled cancer and won. How did he win? One word is cannabis.

Farley began his cannabis journey Aug 2016, battling lymphoma and circulating leukemia, and went into remission. His owner saw firsthand the powerful, impactful, and positive medical results CBD provided. 

Unfortunately, Farley passed due to heart and kidney failure, he wasn’t able to beat Father Time. Nevertheless, his owner developed and launched Farley’s Green Paw Consulting in his honor and tribute. 

Their goal is to educate pet parents, veterinarians, pet professionals, and pet lovers in the area of cannabis. How this plant-based protocol will help pets overcome anxiety, stress, pain, and so much more.

Ready to learn more? Want to wean your pet off pharmaceuticals that are toxic and damage organs? CBD is non-toxic, organic, holistic, and produces zero to very few side effects. Visit them here

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