We all want our pets to be in the best health possible, which is why pet care is now on top of mind for most pet parents. This begs the question,  does that mean that everyone needs to have Pet Insurance — it depends?  This is where multiple factors come into play, your preferences and the needs of your pet.

Affordable pet care options

Affordable Pet Care? Is Pet Insurance An Option? 

Some of the questions to ask yourself that could help you determine if you need pet insurance: 

  • Does my pet have any medical conditions? If yes, what are they?
  • Any medicine for my pet?
  • Medical treatments?
  • Even if your pet is healthy, yearly check-ups?

You can definitely add more questions based on your circumstances. In terms of budget, it is important to plan ahead and see if you could handle the costs out of pocket or not, because pet expenses can really add up — check this National Pet Study for more details. This could help you determine if enrolling in pet insurance is the right option.

However, keep in mind that pet insurance policies are not all the same. So it’s recommended to shop around and make sure the insurance you go for takes care of the main medical concerns (if any) of your pet. Ask all the questions and check what it can and cannot cover before enrollment.

If you’re looking into different options, this in-depth article on pet insurance companies will provide you with a review of different plans available in the market, how they work and what is best for you. In addition, it provides important facts about insurance plans and information on veterinary care and COVID1-19 related updates.

How Are Pets Viewed Post COVID-19?

Money.com conducted a survey, asking pet parents if their spending on their pets changed during the pandemic. The results were, well, encouraging to say the least. 

The results revealed a deepened relationship during the pandemic between humans and their pets, reflected in part through a willingness to spend almost anything to provide for their animals’ care. We also found that what Americans expect from pet insurance and what it usually delivers may often be at odds.

Below are the questions that the pet parents were presented and their responses.

Pet care is top of mind for pet parents.

What are your thoughts? Have you taken extra measures in regards to your pet’s overall health and well-being?