I don’t even know where to begin; how do I capture 16 years of unconditional love in a few words and photos? I feel lost as I type this, I feel numb, I feel incomplete. How do I even begin to express how much you I love you Mr. MaGoo? I am lost for words as I know that this will not even capsulate the amount of love I have for you, the relationship you and I had together. How do I get my fingers to move? How do I even begin to put into words the love you and I had? The joy you brought to so many? And Mr. MaGoo, it just wasn’t you and me, you touched so many lives on a global level; inspiring, motivating, and by far, adding humor each and every day.

Mr MaGoo in bedMr MaGoo enjoying last day in 2012Mr MaGoo writing his blog

When I first saw you June 2001, I knew you were special, only to realize just how much years to come. Oh my, you were a handful from day one! You jumped out of that carrier box ready to conquer the world and certainly not shy about it. A few weeks earlier, I just said good-bye to my beloved Gizmo, she was my very first and I thought you would be just like her! Easy peasy is what I thought; Buffy and Betty Boop were already with me, and, I thought you would just fall in line. Boy, was I ever mistaken? Seriously, what puppy at the young age of six months, tells their parent that now is the time to go on a walk? Only you Mr. MaGoo! At the young age of six months, you were running the house and made sure that everyone, including me, knew you were the boss.

Mr MaGoo at six months knew what his leash was for.Mr MaGoo brings leash to me and demands a walk, now


One thing was for sure, as bossy and demanding as you were to Buffy and to myself, you understood that Betty Boop was special. She would need tender loving, gentle play time and this you picked up even at six months of age. Betty Boop’s first birthday, Dec 2001, you played with her ever so gently. At that moment, I could not have been more proud of you; only throughout the years, you never stopped delivering incredible moments that stunned myself and the world.

As you grew, it readily became clear, there was never going to be a dull moment with you in my life. From interrupting conference calls with your squeaky toy to barking as if you were agreeing with a decision; to just having a new expression for a photo, to telling Buffy and me when it was time for bed. In 2002, you were really becoming the clown in my life, always there, adding the sunshine in my life when storms were around. You were beginning to teach me that storms weren’t meant forever and just to laugh it off with something silly. Oh, my silly Valentine, little did you know how much that life lesson would hold true for years to come.

For the next severals years, you had us girls to yourself; Betty Boop, Buffy and myself, reminding us that you were the man of the house. Even though you were last in pack order, you had no qualms in being number one. Now, Mr. MaGoo, Buffy had every right to put you in your place, she was too much of a lady to do that. Why do I get the sense that you will be at Rainbow Bridge, telling all how to fall in-line? One thing was for sure, you and I were connected and your happy spot, right by me.

You made it very clear early on, you had to be by me, otherwise, the world you know how unhappy you truly were. Oh yes, Mr. MaGoo, you were my drama queen and for that, that made me even love you more. I never knew if you were going to pour on the “oh pity me”; or, “say what?!”; or, “Surely you aren’t talking to me?”

Then, 2005 came Carla Mae into our family; she was so unsure about life, including us. You stepped up and showed her the way to love life, our family and most importantly, how to have fun. It took awhile and you didn’t give up, then, one day you and Carla Mae began playing. From that day forward, you two were thick as thieves as they say; from playing together to falling asleep together, she trusted you and you once again fulfilled a purpose, another life lesson, to trust. Once again, a proud Mom I was of you.

In 2008, professional photos were taken, not just of you Mr. MaGoo, the whole family. Little did I realize that this photo would be the catalyst for what was to come several years later, our book. Never in my wildest dreams when you and I became one in 2001, did I even understand or know the impact that you would have on so many lives. At the time, all I wanted was precious memories and that scarf was sooo you! Mr. MaGoo, oh how you loved your scarfs, sweaters, and bandanas. Even more so, you loved to strike a pose! Mr MaGoo wearing scarf

During the next few years, your smile was contagious; and, your fondness for Buffy grew, as well as your silly everyday antics. At times, you took your role as “man of the house” to heart, standing guard at the front door, patrolling out front to make sure us girls were safe.

It was during 2010, another opportunity came along for all of us to have professional images taken; and it was doing this shoot, Mr. MaGoo you out did yourself. It was as if, you knew these photos in 2011 would be part of something much larger. How did you know Mr. MaGoo? That day, you “performed” much like a celebrity would in front the camera; yet, when these were taken, a book was not even on my radar. How did you know? There were so many times Mr. MaGoo, I thought you were a little too wise, a little too smart, a little too intuitive.

A year later, 2011, was when I decided to pursue Real Dogs Don’t Whisper; having you as my co-author because I knew if it was all me, it would be full of tears and very little humor. Mr. MaGoo your addition to our book has been perfect! And, as a result, you will live on forever as your words are now in print. Also, during 2011, I received a promotion and moved from San Diego to San Jose; before leaving, I wanted one more photo shoot. Yet again Mr. MaGoo, you worked the camera; where on earth did you learn to pose like a supermodel?

Little did I know that when we arrived in San Jose, you and I would be saying good-bye to Betty Boop. That was so hard for me, you were there, helping me to deal with the pain. It was also in 2011, our book published and we shared our everyday life with thousands. Not once did you mind; as soon as I pulled out the camera to update our fans, you would run up and create a funny moment.

Mr MaGoo closeupMr MaGoo, ready for blueberries

Then it happened, you and I both faced a terrible loss in our family, 2012 Buffy left us. You lost your BFF, Buffy was your center. She was there the first day to welcome you in our home, she was there to teach you, she was there just for you to be near. We were both lost, yet, we had each other, and, we had Carla Mae.

Buffybuffy-firesideMaGoo and Buffy

We helped each other heal with the loss of our Buffy, you becoming closer to Carla Mae and oh my, you two were becoming quite the pair. It was becoming obvious, you were teaching Carla Mae how to have fun, especially in front of the camera; helping her become her own little superstar. And, boy did she ever!

Mr Magoo and Carla Mae in swingsCarla Mae helping me in the kitchenCuddle time

Then, late summer, I brought home a bundle of energy, Mini Me. Oh my! I wasn’t sure what to expect and I remember apologizing to you as I had wanted to bring home an “older” dog. Well, that didn’t work out like I thought it would, instead I brought home this two-year-old that turned our world upside down. As I held my breath for weeks to come, you made sure to show me and tell me, all is well. Both you and Carla Mae embraced Mini Me and both of you showed him the ropes. Mr. MaGoo, of course,  you showed him how to be mischievous, spunky and to live in the moment. Needless to say, with the three of you, you had me on my toes.

Real Dogs Don't Whisper Mr MaGoo dental monthMr MaGoo and gang is ready for fun in the sun

In 2013, I wanted to add one more to our family, along came Driving Miss Fancy. And, you were not having it! For years I might add! I often got the sense, you were afraid that I was trying to replace Buffy and you wanted nothing to do with Fancy. Often fights would break out between you two, toward your later years did the fights cease. Maybe you realized she was here to stay? Maybe it was because I often spoke to you and told you that Buffy will be with us forever?

My fluffy pack provided endless loveDogs wearing July 4th bandanas

Several years later, Carla Mae passed; while you still had Mini Me, Fancy, Twinkle Star and our latest family member Farley, I think a piece of your heart left with Carla Mae. When Farley came to join our family, you bonded with him instantly, yet I could see that you weren’t yourself. It was almost like you lost yet another BFF; Carla Mae and you bonded very closely through the years with us doing a lot of road trips together. I think with Carla’s passing, you were ready to join the original family; Betty Boop, Buffy, and Carla Mae. What is even more amazing, the home in San Diego that I purchased in 2003, where it was us five, just sold. The home was ours, there was no going back, even with Mr. MaGoo, his sisters were no longer with us and it just would not be the same. The home being sold and now all four that began this journey, are now at Rainbow Bridge. While you accepted Fancy and Twinkle Star, there was never a connection. You and Mini Me weren’t as close as you were in 2012, Farley was the only one that you wanted to be around, that is except for me.

A proud pet Mom to Mr MaGooMr MaGoo ready to sign books at Camp Bow Wow Peoria AZ

During the last year, your eye-sight was lost, yet there was nothing wrong with your hearing or your sense of smell. You knew exactly where I was at all times, even in the middle of the night. There were so many nights I would wake up and find you by the bed; you made your way out of the master bathroom to my bedside, that even your last days and hours, you wanted me by your side and I by yours. Mr. MaGoo, you and I had a relationship that only movies are made of. There was nothing that would stand in our way to be together, to comfort each other. In our last hour together, we were in a place that is a slice of heaven, Kanab UT. Only you Mr. MaGoo would have our last road trip, our last setting to be powerful, spiritual, poetic. We left AZ for UT together, you gave me the strength to bring you back, we completed the trip together. It was not easy, yet, there were so many moments when it was very peaceful and comforting knowing you were by my side on the way home.

We made it home, only a few days later, you and I completed our last trip together; I brought you home. In 100+ degree weather, I brought you home in the comfortable as you, just like Carla Mae, loved riding in the convertible. I brought your favorite blanket, your pillow and your favorite toy that you had since 2001. Together, we came home.

Mini Me, Fancy, Twinkle Star, and Farley all paid you respects; Fancy, was the most surprising by laying down by your side for minutes. Of course, Mini Me wanted to take your blanket and make it his own. Oh Mr. MaGoo, what have you taught Mini Me through the years? Do I foresee having my hands full with Mini Me, with perhaps you being the underlying reason? If so, I shall cherish it. 

Mr. MaGoo I am not certain if I will ever love the way I did for you; I am not certain if I will ever experience the type of relationship you and I had. What I am certain of, my silly Valentine, on Sunday, May 21st at 11:35 am, I gave you one last physical kiss and held you.

I am certain that I was truly blessed by the Lord, to have you for sixteen years and that I know one day, we will meet again. Until then, my heart has a big piece missing and when we meet again, I know my heart will be restored.

Mr. MaGoo, thank you; thank you for trusting me from day one; thank you for trusting me in our final twenty-four hours (began Saturday, May 20th at 9:30 pm); thank you for having me as your Mom, and thank you for the endless work you have done for special needs pets. I love you Mr. MaGoo, my handsome little guy, please visit often and let me know when you do, ok? Never stop smiling, as your smile lit up the world. There is a very famous songwriter, performer, his name is Barry Manilow; he song one song, “I Write The Songs” which Mr. MaGoo is you.  The lyrics are:

“I’ve been alive forever
And I wrote the very first song
I put the words and the melodies together
I am music
And I write the songs

I write the songs that make the whole world sing
I write the songs of love and special things
I write the songs that make the young girls cry
I write the songs, I write the songs

My home lies deep within you
And I’ve got my own place in your soul
Now when I look out through your eyes
I’m young again, even tho’ I’m very old”

You wrote words to make the whole world sing, you wrote words to make everyone smile. You wrote words to help make this world a better place. Mr. MaGoo, smile everyday for us; my silly Valentine, continue to shine, shine bright like a star. I know that you must go and rest, while it is going to be very painful without you, I know one day soon, you will pay me a visit. Until then, my handsome little man, know that I love you.

Mr MaGoo one big smile to brighten anyone's day

With all my love and heart, Mom

Kelly Preston guest speaker at Camp Bow Wow Peoria AZ fundraising event




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  1. Mr. MaGoo
    You’ve touched so many hearts . When I first started following you on Facebook. My biggest wish was that someday I would meet you and Kelly. I was so happy when I received a text from your momma asking me how far was I from Stockton. Then asking if I would like to meet her and friends, with the fur babies. That was the best Christmas gift ever,,, Mr. MaGoo you’ll always be a part us. You’ve brought so many people and fur babies together.. R.I.P. Mr.MaGoo ! Always missed, but never forgotten… ❤️

  2. Mr. MaGoo …. Benji and I are so very blessed to have meet you Christmas of 2016… I can still feel the kiss I gave you on that special day. RIP special furry friend, ♥️♥️Luv’s Donna and furry friend Benji Picollo
    Mom Kelly, MaGoo’s Pet Memorial was very beautiful, he was a special precious furry friend. ♥️

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