Woof! Can you believe Thanksgiving is here?  Where on kibble did this year go?  Will you and your parents be traveling to see family and friends? Mom says we that we are going on a road trip! I am not sure what she means about the road taking a trip, what I do know, we need to be safe during our transportation.  What a pawfect time to take out the iPaw and blog a few lines about the importance of pet travel safety; not just during the holidays, every day. Woof!

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Furiends, here are easy peasy pet safety travel tips to bark at your parents.  When we are safe during travel, our parents can keep their eyes on the road, making it safe for everybody.  Now, that makes it a double high paw in my yard.

  1. Make sure we have our ID’s and vet records, especially if our travels take us outside of our current state.  I know if your parents are anything like our Mom, they my furget this simple yet very important overlooked tip.  Holy kibble what if something happens? With our vet records along, current meds, and ID this will help save precious time.  Bark at your parents, is your ID up to date?  Did you move?  Furiends, make sure that your ID has your new phone number and address; Mom takes it one step further and has Doc on the call list too.  She says since she lives there with us, they will know us and how to find Mom.  Have to give it to her, not a bad idea (this time Mom!).  Another Grr8 idea, have information around your collar or leash where you may be heading too.
  2. Keep us pets safe in a carrier or seat that we can at least move, stretch and is well ventilated.  What if we make a stinky?! Yuck  BOL  Just kidding On a serious note, our carriers or seats should allow us to be able to move, do a little circle, stretch, yawn, stretch, do a little circle (dance and get down tonight…oh I just crack myself up!). If our carrier is too restraint, this will be hard on our joints, especially our back and hips.  Hey parents! Kibble flash, you aren’t the only ones that get back aches, us pets too.

    Pet car seats ensure pet safety during travel
    Carla Mae is styling in her car seat
  3. Bring our favorite blankie Ok, so this may not be a safety tip as much as it is a comfort request.  Show of paws, who is with me on this one?  We can’t travel without our favorite toy, pillow, blanket; when we are feeling safe, this helps our anxiety level, which keeps our parent’s calm too.  Hmm, maybe it is a pet safety point after all; when we are comfortable, our parents are comfortable, when they are comfortable, they have peace of mind.  Funny how that works out in our favor Woof!
  4. We too need those rest stops, just like our parents.  Allow us to get out, stretch our legs (please keep us on our leash); give us fresh water (best to bring water) and feed us small (very small) high protein meal.  Also, remind your parents not to leave us alone in the car for any length of time; tell your parents to make it quick, better yet to let them take turns.  One parent can stay with you and the other can go inside to do their business; I bet our parents wish they could be like us and do business anywhere, anytime.  Humans, they are so complicated BOL

Woof! No matter where your journey will take you this holiday season, with these easy peasy pet safety travel tips this should help make your trip enjoyable to your destination.  Show of paws, ready for Santa Paws?  That dude travels a lot and far in one night! How on kibble does he do it!  What has been your longest trip?  Any photos to share of your road trips?  Paw up, wuv hearing from you


Happy Thanksgiving

Mr MaGoo








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