Woof! Furiends, I barely can bring myself to my iPaw this week, you see, I am not feeling very well.  Oh not to worry, I just need bed rest and stop trying to keep up with Mini Me.  I guess I have to accept the fact that I am not a pupster anymore.  Geez, getting older is not fun; and, we all know that I am all about funnigans.  

Mr MaGoo not feeling well
I don’t feel well

Before I go down this kibble trail much further, I do need to give eveypaw a big thank you for all of your prayers, warm get well wishes and pawonderful kindness.  As most know, Mom took me to see Doc; Doc even told Mom that I didn’t look well and wasn’t acting my spunky self.  Mom told Doc, do whatever it takes to find out why I am not my spunky self.

Now, we all know how much I wuv getting my photo taken, I wuv to smile for the camera.  Dontcha think I should be offered a modeling contract?  

Mr MaGoo all smiles
Smile big for the camera

Back to Doc, Doc took lots of photos of me; well, I should say my back, tummy, heart, and lungs.  My heart is pawfect, lungs too; but, my back is showing signs of aging.  What?! Me! Getting older?!  No way, I am pawtesting! Needless to bark, I lost that pawtest. (sigh)

For those that may not remember, a while back, Doc discovered that I was beginning to show signs of IVDD. If you missed my blog, I dug it up for you to take a sniff at.  While my spine is still somewhat normal, my nerves are getting worn out.  BOL  No seriously furiends, we all know that living with Mom (the crazy lady) can wear any paw’s nerves out, this time, my nerves in my back may be pinching each other.  Hmmmm, isn’t that something humans do when they adore each other?  Then, why does this pinching hurt so much?

Doc explained to Mom that since I insist on trying to be a pup like Mini Me, I am making my spine angry; when it gets angry, it sends these little taps (pinching) to tell me to slow down.  Did my spine furget that I am a Lhasa Apso and I am stubborn?  BOL  What I am about to share with you has been embarrassing; when my spine sends out these notices, it hurts so bad that I can’t hold my bladder.  I know, I can’t believe it has happened too, Mom has been very understanding, still, it is totally embarrassing.  Why does this happen?  Turns out, my nerves are not going to the correct place and tell my brain mixed messages. Interesting! I have heard Mom tell clowns that they are giving her mixed messages; yet, she doesn’t loose bladder control.  Hmm, must mean something different for humans.

For now, Doc told Mom to keep me in bed and rest.  Let me bark out, this is pawsome! Mom has been serving me breakfast in bed; lots of cuddles; Carla singing to me; and Mini Me reading me stories.  Mini Me has been reading to me a new story, Mister Spunky and His Friends; interesting, this story sounds a lot like my life. BOL 

Mr MaGoo in bed
I will have egg whites, pawlease

For now, Mom and Doc agreed to that if I listen, I will be back up on my paws in no time.  So, I guess the best part about getting older is getting wiser.  Time for me to listen to Doc and Mom, take it easy, and enjoy life.  Have your nerves every sent you mixed messages and get pinched together?  What did you do to settle your nerves down and keep your spine happy?

Better get back to resting

Mr MaGoo


Mr MaGoo resting
Time for me to rest