Woof! Humans describe the season of spring as renewal, rebirth, transformation; furiends, how do I bark this to you?  Mom took this to paw! Did you see what she did?  She transformed our family; we are not only the “fluff pack”, we are now the “fluff pack” +1.  Mom brought Twinkle Star into our home furever; now, Twinkle Star whispered to me (hmmm, she must not have realized that real dogs do not whisper, they bark.  BOL) that when she saw us Dec 2012, she knew instantly she wanted to be with us furever.

Eight hour pit bull rescue
It is ok to come in and join us Twinkle Star

(Mr MaGoo?!  If you are writing your blog, I want to write this one about Twinkle Star.  MOM!  Seriously, this is my blog; what on kibble could you write better than I?  Mr MaGoo, hand over your iPaw, I will give it back when I done.)

 Sigh, furiends, appears Mom is going to my blog this time.  Oh well, good time to go and take a nap because she will take furever.   

Mr MaGoo enjoys nap time
Good time for a nap

Hello Mr MaGoo’s furiends, Mom here; I promise to return Mr MaGoo back to writing after I share the transformation of not only my family, also one amazing Pit Bull Twinkle Star.  Now if you were with me Dec 2012, may recall the 8 hr rescue that I undertook of a Pit Bull that was emancipated, scared, exhausted.  If not, here is her journey; and, here is her video of the first night with us. 

Twinkle Star resting from the rescue
Twinkle Star exhausted from living on the streets

During the course of 2013, Humane Society Silicon Valley, secured a foster Mom for Twinkle Star; providing wonderful training, resources and support to help her find her forever home.  Twinkle Star was thriving under the care for her foster Mom, yet when there was a potential parent, Twinkle Star wasn’t having any part of it.  Looking back, appears that this little girl had a big future agenda, only we (us humans) didn’t know it.  As the months progressed during 2013, Twinkle Star matured and flourished with her foster Mom; then the unthinkable happened, I had to move away from CA.  I received an opportunity and the new career involved me moving to AZ, I had a chance to visit Twinkle Star before I left.  As I visited her over at her foster Mom’s home, I sat with Twinkle Star (fighting back tears) and somehow, even at that point, I had a strange feeling it wasn’t “good-bye”.  However, I thought it was more in the context that I would assist with sitting her like I have done, even telling her foster Mom that.  As I left, I leaned down, gave her a big kiss and whispered into her ear to allow a family in, it was alright to trust.  Only at arriving home, did I allow the tears to fall; of course, Mr MaGoo came running, wanting to be on my lap, ensuring that I was ok and that all will be ok. 

Enjoying a moment with Twinkle Star
Visiting Twinkle Star before moving to AZ

Months after moving to AZ, I would receive updates on Twinkle Star’s progress; she was graduating from training, enjoying other dogs and accepting a gentleman to come and take her for daily runs.  There was one part missing from the progress report, anyone interested in adopting her; very little applications or emails would come in.  I knew that her foster Mom needed a break, Twinkle Star is full of energy and at the same time, she is a special need.  Mind you, there are no medical special needs; she does have emotional needs from being abused and abandoned.  Needless to say, her Mom was overjoyed that I was still available to help sit; less frequent than when I was living in CA, perhaps would make it for longer stays.  Either way, we would make it work and try for spring 2014.  

During the holidays, I received a Christmas card from Twinkle Star; oh yes, my heartstrings were pulled a little, yet I pushed those feelings back in a corner.  Dec 2012, she impacted my heart, she left a paw print on it and for some reason, I was still involved in her life; I would think of her occasionally and was always happy to receive emails about her progress.   

2013 Christmas card from Twinkle Star
Twinkle Star and Lacey’s Christmas card to Mr MaGoo and family

Early Feb 2014 for some strange reason both Twinkle Star and her foster Mom were heavy on my mind, couldn’t place my finger on it; as hard as I tried to brush it off, they both were back in my thoughts.  Around Feb 12th, I reached out asking if she needed a break; would she like to meet halfway between CA and AZ, I could watch Twinkle Star until May?  I am planning to head back to CA during May for a fundraising event (Coastal Spring Dog Event).  I could sense something wasn’t right, something seemed to be “off”; she asked if I had spoken to the HSSV yet and I stated no, why?  What is going on?  Did Twinkle Star find her forever home?  All the happy thoughts were running through my head and the foster Mom didn’t know how to break the news to me, Twinkle Star will be going to a family.  Woohoo!  She did request that I reach out to HSSV and I did; only, I wasn’t prepared for the next question, would I be interested in taking Twinkle Star forever? Please understand, they only asked me because they knew Twinkle Star had history, we bonded and there was a trust built her and I.  

I didn’t even think that was going to be the discussion; needless to say, I was caught by surprise and asked a lot of questions.  I also asked for a few days to think about, this was a lifetime decision.  I called my sister; much to my surprise, my sister was in full support of me adopting Twinkle Star.  I shared all my concerns with her and she stated if anyone could make it work, would be me.  I called my very good friend who knows Twinkle Star and me; like my sister, she supported the adoption.  Then, why was it I having a challenging with the decision?  For all the right reasons; medical expenses, every day expenses, time to dedicate to them, time to dedicate one on one play time; what if they didn’t get along, what if…  I can easily share that night, I did not sleep well; I knew that if I agreed to adopt Twinkle Star, I would be sacrificing a large part of my life.  Wait!  Didn’t I do that with Betty Boop?  Oh, this is so much different!  I knew that if I didn’t adopt her, Twinkle Star’s time was running out.  I sat on the floor with my “fluff pack” ; asking them what do I do and I received back head tilts and kisses.  


My fluffy pack provided endless love
My fluff pack: Mr MaGoo, Mini Me, Carla Mae and Driving Miss Fancy

On Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th, I placed the call to HSSV with my decision; Valentine’s Day is all about the heart and love, how befitting that I announce my decision, Twinkle Star found her forever home.  Yet, somewhere deep down inside me, I had a sense that this was part of the plan back Dec 2012 when she selected us on the street.  My life, like spring, will be going through transformation over the course of years to come; Twinkle Star is going to teach me about life that I still haven’t discovered and I her.  

March 8th the reunion occurred, she had not seen me for over six months; would she remember me?  Would she recognize me?  Would she even want to be with me.  I will let you decide for yourself, view our reunion here.

She has been in my home for a short period of time, yet it feels like she always has been here.  My pack remembered her and the transition was flawless; Driving Miss Fancy had a few moments of securing her place in pack order, Twinkle Star submitted and now they are BFF’s.  In fact, Mini Me, Fancy and Twinkle Star are inseparable; this is a relationship bond that I would have never guessed.  Even Mr MaGoo is accepting of her, in fact, he even tries to be playful with her.  What is most interesting, it is like she senses that he is more matured and adjusts to meet his needs.  Now Mini Me and Fancy, well, all I can say is enjoy their playtime video here.

Cocker Spaniel, Shih Tzu and Pit Bull are best friends
Fancy, Twinkle Star and Mini Me are becoming BFF’s

As far as my concerns if I would be able to manage this; I have the feeding routine down already and the walking as well.  Mr MaGoo and Carla Mae go for the first round, followed by the three amigos; which is hilarious to see the three of them walking beside each other.  

Yes, spring brings hope and life (rebirth) and my home is no exception; my life and home is full of hope and miracles and certainly not short of love, lots of love.  One thing I have learned, there is always a reason; and, I have five beautiful reasons that have entered my life at one point or another, each bringing love, hope, life and transformation to my life and others.  To HSSV, I applaud their efforts for two years in helping Twinkle Star trying to find her home; they went over and beyond, however, it was Twinkle Star that kept stating “Nope, not this family”.  If it had not been for HSSV, Twinkle Star would never have been given a chance; they did and continue to do amazing work for homeless pets.  

Pit Bull very happy
Twinkle Star happy and transformed

I am curious, has a dog ever entered your life only to re-enter and become yours at a later day?

2014 Saint Patrick's Day
Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

(Woof! Mom! Are you done yet? May I have my iPaw back?  Yes, Mr MaGoo, here you go…) Woof! Furiends, it was about time she handed this back to me.  Well, now that she took up the whole kibble trail, I better go and find some snacks.  

 Mr MaGoo


Mr MaGoo happy and waiting for treats
Time for snacks