Why probiotics for pets should be considered?

Probiotics for pets provide “good” bacteria found within the intestinal system. These good guys, provide incredible benefit for your pet’s immune system. They build up immunity to help fight off bacteria, viruses, infections, and more.

Probiotics also will produce vitamin K and biotin. Both of which, when they are in balance, aid in healthy digestion. When these vitamins are not in balance, then, digestive issues may occur.

When considering that probiotics help not only the digestive system, also, building the immune system. Perhaps a better question would be, “why not give probiotics for pets?”

Signs When A Pet Benefits With A Probiotic

Is your pet experiencing loose stools? Or, a tummy that is rumbling? Passing gas?

Bovine colostrum given to dogs and cats helps support their immune system.

These signs may be an indicator that your pet may benefit from a probiotic added to their diet. Of course, this is providing that your veterinarian has ruled out any serious disease or infection.

Before adding any supplement to your pet’s diet, always check with your primary veterinarian.

Prebiotics Are They Important?

Prebiotics help strengthen the positive impact probiotics provide. Basically, prebiotics provide nutrients to probiotics, giving them the fuel to protect your pet’s intestinal lining.

When selecting a probiotic for your pet, purchase a product that offers both probiotics and prebiotic.

Bottom line, after receiving your veterinarian’s approval, adding a probiotic supplement to your pet’s diet has amazing benefits.

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