Rosemary for dogs have excellent benefits #rosemarybenefitsfordogs #rosemaryfordogs
Fresh rosemary

Woof! What month is this? What day is it?  Furiends, my brain is not as sharp as it once was.  No worries, I have a fix.  Did you know that rosemary has benefits for dogs, the benefits are pawsome?  No, I would not pull the fur over your eyes.  Ok, maybe a little…BOL  It is true though, rosemary provides health and mental benefits for us dogs.

Dementia happens with dogs too, know the signs
Carla Mae

Since my mind isn’t as sharp as my nails, rosemary helps my brain.  You see furiends, rosemary helps get the blood flowing to the brain; the brain needs food just like us and by keeping the the brain healthy and fed with blood, it will help keep us healthy too.  Now in Carla Mae’s instance, she has dementia; and, you guessed it! Rosemary helps replace this item called acetycholine (woofee had to Goo-gle that one!); dementia keeps this away, Grrr, not good for Carla Mae. Not only is my memory slipping away, so is my happiness.  Mom has begun to call me “Grumpy Paws”, I don’t think I like this new name.  This herb, rosemay, is helping me with my “Grumpy Paws”; don’t get me wrong, I have some days I just want to be left alone.  Hey! I am old man, can’t help it.  Well, that was until rosemary; Mom is giving this to me to help my mood swings.  Woof! I am not the happy go lucky pup that I once was, however, I am less “Grumpy Paws”.  BOL

Rosemary can help with mood swings in dogs
Seriously Mom Enough,ugh!

As some of you have heard, I am beginning to have heart problems.  Guess which herb helps provide blood flow to the heart?  Woofeee Rosemary! Is it me; or, is this herb one pawsome thing for us dogs? Furiends, it helps keep our heart strong, fight off the bad dudes (Grrr back off infections), and reduces inflammation. Furiends, under a lot of stress?  Hey humans, don’t laugh; it is a lot of work watching and waiting for you to come home.  We run from window to window, watching for your return and that is stressful.  Rosemary has calming properties and will help reduce our stress. And, then there are those nasty things called fleas.  The only time I like fleas is when I have to release the 1 million flea march to attack clowns; clowns are the humans that aren’t nice to our fellow furiends and I have to teach them a lesson.  Woof! Ruff! Woof!  Where was I? (Thanks Mom for the dose, now I remember!).  Rosemary will help fight fleas off and we smell so good the same time. So, I am sure you are sharing all of this great stuff with your parents.  I bet your kibble that your parents want to know how to give rosemary to us dogs.  Well, I am correct?  Woof! Thought so.  To help fight off fleas, simply add a few drops of rosemary oil to your collar.  Or, how about a massage and fighting fleas the same time? To help our brain and heart health, simply add a few sprigs of fresh rosemary (about 1 tsp) to our food if preparing a batch of food for the week. Get this! Chances that the food you are eating may already have rosemary in it. Pawlease remember, always check with your doctor before having your parents add rosemary to your diet or massage.

I want to hear from you; do you already have rosemary in your daily diet?  Does it hel you?  If not, will your parents beginning adding rosemary in your diet? (yawn)

Time for a nap… Rosemary can help dogs with cardiac health  #rosemarybenefitsfordogs #rosemaryfordogs Mr MaGoo




#rosemarybenefitsfordogs #rosemaryfordogs