Oooh, woof! Aaaaah, woof! Sorry folks, I am enjoying my moment. Of course, all moments are enjoyable and for me, me, me. HOL!! OMD, that feels so pawsome. A little to the right; a little to the left. Yeah, yeah, yeah, right behind the ear; OMD, that is the spot. 

Mr MaGoo
Ahh, that is the spot..that feels pawsome!

Did you know that grooming has health benefits for us? Do you ever take the time to thoroughly exam the inside of our ears or mouth? Do you know the symptoms if an infection are beginning? Let me bark at ya’, grooming us on a regular basis helps you stay on top of such items. 

Believe it or not, there are some health conditions that can go right pass you without a bark or sniff. By spending a few minutes grooming us on a routine basis gives you the added bonus of really “getting in close” and making sure that everything looks, smells, feels, and even sounds right. Plus, we enjoy would you get close with us, we wuv it; brings us closer to you. 

(excuse me, just a little rub right there..ahhhh)

MaGoo finds the spot
Yeah, yeah, yeah…that is the spot

Having a “heads up” on any illnesses or medical conditions potentially makes getting such things under control easier and requires less bones and kibble, as well as have a greater chance of a successful outcome – all benefits in their own right.

Grooming us isn’t just a matter of finding hidden medical problems; it’s a way to maintain our health. Tell Mom and Dad to think of it as spending their current time on preventative medical treatments in place of spending their money in the future for medical “repair” bills. That’s a short-term benefit with a long-term potential.

Plus, daily grooming presents an unique bonding experience with you and us. Over time, we may loosen up a bit more than we would have otherwise. I know that both Carla and I are calmer and more content in situations that use to cause us to react in a less-than-positive manner.  Double woof to this!!

Being in close contact with us has long-term implications for you as well. According to numerous studies that have been conducted, pet owners experience fewer minor health problems and better psychological well-being. A regular grooming session with us could therefore be considered a great form of preventative medicine for your parents’ health.

How about giving me a high paw on this? I don’t know about you, the less time I am in doc’s office, the happier I am and Mom too. So furiends, ask your parents to brush and massage you daily as part of your routine. 

Mr MaGoo relaxes

Ahhh….now that feels good!!

Bark at ya later,

Mr MaGoo