Normally, the monthly blog is performed by Mr. MaGoo, or Mini Me, since he is almost 16 years old and just can’t see like he used to. However, this month, I needed to take back control of the keyboard. I need to write an open letter to the owner who dumped their Shih Tzu, Farley, to a high kill shelter in Phoenix AZ to be put to sleep.

Farley Shih Tzu looking for answers

Where do I begin? How do I put into words the emotions that I have felt since July 3rd when I pulled Farley, 13-year-old Shih Tzu, from one of the highest kill shelters in the state of AZ? To Farley’s former pet parents, how dare you! This is how you treat a member of your family that has been loyal to you for 13 yrs? To be put to sleep in a cold, noisy, scary place? Oh how I hope that you and I never meet face to face; or, do I?

Not only did you dump Farley at the shelter after being in your life for 13 yrs, you dumped him on a holiday weekend where he had very little chance of making it out of there alive. In addition, the shelter gave him only 24 hrs, otherwise, he was scheduled to be put to sleep. And the reason you gave the shelter for dumping him because he threw up! Seriously? Guess what?! Farley has not thrown up since being rescued. How is that possible you may ask? He just needed small meals given throughout the day to help his digestion. That was all that it took. Oh yeah, the lump on his chest? A fatty mass.

Did you ever give a second thought how he is doing? Did you sleep well that night when you dumped him? Did you ever call back to see if he was rescued? Well, did you? No, I thought not! You went about your day and July 4th plans, not having any remorse about your cold, selfish act.

Being a parent is for life and that includes our pets as they are members of our family. Is this how you treat another member of your family? I shudder to think the values you hold, or I should say, the lack of values and morals.

The shelter is not so innocent themselves as Farley had over 21 ticks when I pulled him July 3rd. For them to take your word and not give this adorable, loving Shih Tzu a chance, shame on them too! Farley was not blind; he has a lump on his chest which is a fatty mass, and the vomiting was due to Farley needing small meals spread out through the day. Shih Tzu with dry eye

As you may have gathered, Farley made it out alive from your insensitive event, he is with me and is touching many lives. His eyes were lined with green crust, immediately arriving home, gave him eye drops and less than 24 hrs his eyes were normal. I called a friend, she came over and assisted with the removal of 21 ticks. Then, two days later, I took him to my vet for a thorough exam, which led to the discovery of lymphoma. Did you know? Did you even know that he is not blind like you told the shelter he was? How much did you know about Farley? Did you know that he is deaf? How many countless times did you scream at him, only he didn’t hear you because he is deaf? How many times did he just want to cuddle up with you, with you never around?

24 hrs later after just two doses of eye drops

Here is the thing, Farley is beating the odds! And, you know something else? There is a very good chance that you and I may be facing financial challenges. However, there is absolutely no reason to dump your dog like that. Zero! Every day I am looking under the couch cushions hoping that money will appear, it doesn’t; since it doesn’t, it doesn’t mean that I will discard a family member. Yes, Farley is a member of my family and he is having a blast. Taking him in has been a financial challenge, just means, I give up a few things here and there to ensure his health care is met.

Farley is the sweetest, friendliest, laid back dog I have ever owned, there is nothing that upsets him or causes him stress. He loves car rides, following me wherever I go, swimming in fountains, meeting new people and snoring. Boy! Can this little guy snore!

Farley enjoys a swim on Lone Rock Beach, UT.

While the future is uncertain for Farley, what is certain, he is doing amazing here and living every day to the fullest.  What is certain, Farley will not be alone when lymphoma wins the battle. What is certain, Farley will never ever again be in a shelter. What is certain, Farley will never be alone and forgotten. Quite frankly, you were not good enough for Farley; to allow him to carry 21 ticks on him, allowing his eyes to become so dry that green crust developed, and to dump him at the shelter. No, you did not deserve Farley.

Farley has so much love to give, he has so much life in him and he is such a clown at times. Did you ever take notice how much Farley loves to love? My guess is not since it may appear that you left him out in a yard for way too long. No, Farley did not deserve you.

Open Letter To The Parents In Phoenix AZ Who Dumped Their Shih Tzu, Farley has a new home and that is with me.

I have been holding this back for months, with Christmas right around the corner, I just could not stay quiet anymore as Farley will enjoy his first Christmas with my family. They say that the current day is a present and that is what Farley is to me and many others, he is a present that spreads love and hope.

To you, Farley’s pet parents in Phoenix AZ, I do hope that Santa Claus leaves a lump of coal in your stockings and dirt under the tree as you have been terrible parents. This little Shih Tzu, that you dumped, will have the best Christmas ever.

Open letter to parents in Phoenix AZ that owned Farley Shih Tzu
Farley is Santa’s little elf for Christmas 2016

Farley has a Facebook page; he also has his own hash tag, #cancerfightingninja. Plus, he has videos both on his Facebook page and YouTube worth viewing. After viewing, I do hope that you realize what a mistake you made, taking his life for granted. Well, he is here to stay, where his life is greeted every day as a blessing.

Off to tell Santa where to leave lumps of coal….