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Whether shopping for CBD for petspet food, toys, beds or just unique gifts for a pet or pet lover in your life, a portion of your purchase goes to help special needs pets. We are in partnership with these retailers when you purchase from them, they donate on your behalf. No extra cost to you.

We strive to work with partners that have the same values as us, every pet deserves a second chance, all pets’ lives matter.

Shop and give back, your pet will be happy and healthy; and, you will be making a difference in a special needs pet life.


Shop with Amazon and give back to dogs with special needs.
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Shop Farley's Green Paw Consulting for quality and lab tested CBD products and supplements.
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Earth Buddy Pet – Use Code FARLEY Save 15%


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With so many CBD products on in the market, it can become overwhelming in knowing which product is safe and effective for your pet. This is why we highly recommend EarthBuddy Pet. They work closely with veterinarians, test and retest their products. Additionally, they work with certified veterinary cannabis professionals to guide both veterinarians and pet parents in a pet’s CBD treatment plan. 

Pet cannabis consulting service educating pet parents and veterinarians for a pet's cannabis treatment.

Shop with EarthBuddy, use code FARLEY at checkout, and receive 15% off your purchase. Remember, to use code FARLEY at checkout. 

If your dog was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, check out this case study from HempMyPet. Their products have been proven to be effective and recommended by independent veterinarians. Plus, the study was published in the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. For all of their products, shop here

When it comes to dosing and product selection, contact Farley’s Green Paw Consulting, they will create a personalized CBD treatment plan for your pet. 



Shopping For Award-Winning Children’s Books

Mister Spunky and His Friends Children Picture Book

Learn more about Mister Spunky children’s book

Mister Spunky and Farley award winning children's activity and coloring book about love, compassion, friendship and more.



Shop with Amazon for pet food, pet toys, and more

Amazon now has pet profiles available to help you make informed decisions for your pet.

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