Spoil your senior dog, after all, they deserve to be spoiled. After a lifetime of love and loyalty, pet parents, spoil your senior dog as it will bring joy to you and your dog. For pet parents who are concerned about budgets, however, providing their older pets with the care, comfort, and extras they deserve can result in some added stress. With a few savings tips, senior pet parents can turn that stress into extra savings on everything their aging pets need.

Search for Savings on Senior Pet Supplies

As your dog gets older, you may want to provide some extra comfort. One of those extra comforts may be a heated dog bed, which can help soothe arthritis pain and keep senior pets nice and warm. Heated dog beds come in various styles and sizes, so you should be able to find one that will work for your senior dog, whether you have an older chihuahua or an older Great Dane. You may also want to purchase a dog ramp to help your dog get in and out of your car. Many models run under $100, and your senior pup will appreciate the extra help.

As you browse through the selection of pet supplies, you should also take some time to search for savings. You can find available offers from your favorite online retailers and stores like Amazon and Chewy, and you can even compare promotions to see which store will save you the most money when it comes to senior pet supplies. You can also save by using a Chewy promo code or coupon.

Ask for Specials and Discounts on Vet Care

Keeping up with wellness exams and preventative care is a surefire way to keep your senior dog healthy well into their golden years, but vet bills can add up quickly. Before you take your dog in for a check-up or service, be sure to ask your vet whether there are any specials or discounts that could help save you money.

For example, oral care for pets can prevent serious diseases and health issues as pets get older, and while cleanings can be fairly expensive, many vet offices offer special discounts throughout the year. Another way you can save on vet care is to search for local vet colleges when your senior pets need major medical care or surgery or to have vaccinations updated at local low-cost vaccination clinics.

Buy Pet Prescriptions Online or Via Pharmacies

In addition to extra vet care, senior pets also tend to need additional medications to help treat and prevent chronic health issues. For instance, many pet owners find that their senior pets do well with a daily probiotic. Probiotics can build up your pet’s immunity so they can fight off viruses and infections.

Whether your dog needs arthritis medication, heart-worm preventative, or any other prescription, know that there are a few handy tricks you can use to make those pet medications more affordable. One that millions of dog parents are already using to trim pet care costs is picking up medications online. Some folks may be leery of using this method to save on pet prescriptions, but shopping with reputable and licensed vendors can help provide some peace of mind. A lesser-known trick for curbing the costs of pet medications is to take your prescription to a local pharmacy. Picking up your pet’s medications at a drugstore can save you some serious cash as long as you exercise proper precautions.

Use Auto-Ship to Save on Senior Pet Food and Treats  

Older pets can require senior-specific foods in addition to extra care and love, but picking up your pet’s food doesn’t have to put stress on your budget. Whether you need pet food to address certain health concerns or to keep your senior pet trim, auto-ship services are a simple way to save money and time. Several stores and online retailers offer auto-ship options for pet food, and you can control how often your pet’s food ships to your home. You can also add treats, litter, or any other pet supplies you regularly use, which can come in handy if you get too busy to visit a local pet store. If you do pick up some extra treats for your senior pet, just be sure they are healthy and that you control portions, so that your older pets don’t put on extra weight.

Caring for a senior dog can sometimes feel overwhelming when it comes to costs. So put the budget-friendly tips above to good use, so you can spoil your senior dog without stressing.

Senior dog care is different than for a puppy