Woof! Have you noticed that it is lighter longer?  Birds are out earlier and singing?  That only means one thing, spring is here (or right around the corner); more play time outside chasing birds, flowers will be out for Grr8 photos and lots more exercise.  I wuv to be out, prancing in the grass, puparrizi snapping away.  Who agrees that spring is the most pawsome time of the year?  

Mr MaGoo and gang is ready for fun in the sun
Oh yeah, we are ready for spring weather

However, my sister Carla Mae isn’t feeling so light in her paws.  Just last week, Doc showed Mom a photo of Carla Mae’s back, she explained to Mom that Carla has spondylosis.  What the kibble is this?  Spondylosis for dogs?  I immediately ran over to Carla Mae and sat in front of her, time to protect my sister. Mom began asking all sort of questions; what is it, how did she get it, what does the future look like?  Mom was asking a lot of questions; I had to find out for myself what this was all about.

After doing a lot of sniffing and digging in a lot of yards, I know a lot more about spondylosis.  First, the good news, Carla Mae is going to be fine!  This isn’t like the bad dude “C” that takes lives.  Sure, Carla won’t be able to box and dance with me like she used to, I even find myself slowing down too (shhh don’t let anyone know that, this is our secret).  Basically furiends, it is degenerative spinal disease for us dogs. If you look at Carla’s photo that Doc took, she has these hook like growths, they are called “bone spurs”.  Hmm, I pawonder how they got that name?  Any kibble, these spurs will begin to join together, like a bridge.  In fact, she has a few of these spurs that decided to create a bridge.  I guess they must really like each other to grow together.  Now, this will limit Carla Mae’s motion, she will still be able to walk, sit and play, just no more Lhasa mania wrestling.  

Dog Spondylosis
Carla Mae’s xrays showing early stage of spondylosis

What caused spondylosis?  Turns out, could have been a few items as the kibble trail pointed out.  Carla Mae will be 12 years old this year, perhaps her age is catching up to her?  Now furiends, what I am about to share with you, will have you Grrrr.  As some of you may have read my chapters about Carla Mae, you know that she came to us broken.  Carla did not have pawonderful puppy years; no furiends, she was badly abused.  Grrrr let me at those clowns!  Oh this makes me both mad and sadden to think what Carla had to endure before she came to us, the clowns may have done so much damage that they hurt her back.  Grrrr I curse 1,000 fleas on them.  

Where was I?  Oh yes, the biggest question that both Mom and I had for Doc, is she in pain?  Woofeee, she isn’t!  Carla is so brave that she didn’t show any signs until the Doc took a picture of her back.  Turns out, there are a lot of furiends like Carla, that their parents do not even know, they show no signs.  Right now, Mom watches Carla very closely (she can’t even begin to watch her as close as I, I am Mr MaGoo Protector) for any pain, Mom is concerned that nerves may get pressed the wrong way.  Does this mean that Carla’s nerves will get on their own nerves?  Until Carla cries for help, no surgery needed.  Now that is something to high paw about.

How is Mom going to treat this?  First, Carla Mae always had a lean body; Mom is making sure no extra weight.  If there is too much weight, this will put too much stress on Carla’s bones, which will cause pain.  No pain for my sister!  Exercise is still important to keep spondylosis calm, Mom now limits how long she can walk; no more stairs or jumping, and Mom carries her all over the house.  You know, Mom did that with Buffy and Betty Boop too, must be a girl thing.  BOL  Woof!  Here is where I must admit, I try to steal the blankets; extra warmth will help keep Carla comfortable.  Ahhh, warm feels so good.  Doc suggested sweaters to keep Carla’s back warm.  Doc doesn’t realize how many sweaters Carla has.  Woof!  Massages Mom gives to us daily, Doc told Mom to continue as this help us.  

Carla Mae wearing sweater for spondylosis
Carla Mae is nice and warm with her hoodie

If you are anything like me, I wanted to know what about eats?  Are there any foods that will help?  Woof! Yes, there are!  Do your parents know about this food called Tofu?  What a funny name  BOL  Mom has begun to give Carla Mae this as it is high in protein and helps prevent the nerves getting on each other. Remember when I pawed up about this enzyme called Coenzyme Q that Mom was giving Buffy?  Get this, Mom found out it will help Carla’s cells get a lot of air; I think Mom said oxygen.  Woofeee with Mom making sure Carla is well fed and with me protecting her, Carla is in Grrr8 paws with us both.  

Do you have a furiend that has spondylosis?  If so, what did their parents do to help them?

Off to go and keep Carla Mae warm, Mini Me is helping too!  Woof! Woof! 

Real Dogs Don't Whisper March 2013
Mr MaGoo and Mini Me are Carla Mae’s body guards

Mr MaGoo