Woof! Woof! How is everypaw out there?  Can you feel it?  Do you smell the flowers?  Do you feel the gentle breeze?  Are you running through lush green grass?  Ah, yes, spring is here! Woofooo

I wuv this time of the year; Mom takes on extra walks, the grass is soft beneath my paws, and there are new smells for me to investigate. And, since I am running out on the soft, lush green grass the puparrizi is out in full force.  Oh, I see the puparrizi hiding behind the trees, waiting to snap a photo of me.  I am ready, I have my sunglasses on…click, click, click…strike a pose…click, click, click 


Mr Magoo in shades
Stylin’ in my sunglasses by Toys4Paws

Whew! It is ruff being a pupstar. BOL  Ok, seriously folks, while spring is bootiful it can also be a season that brings medical issues for us pets.  The first medical issue we face would be increased flea and tick activity. Yuck! I do not like creepy crawlers, especially if they put us at risk for disease.  Tell your parents to ensure they protect you from these creepy crawlers; remind them that these guys carry diseases.

Another creepy crawler that is bad dude, heartworm.  OMD, this dude attacks our heart and need I bark that if not treated, well, you can only imagine.  Please beg and puppy dog eye your parents to stay current on testing for this bad dude as well as the pills that keep this dude away.  

Hold on a second, the sky is beginning to leak, April showers. Spring showers not only mean May flowers, but puddles, standing water, and even flooding can occur.  Please keep us clear of stagnant waters that can be loaded with bacteria and other tummy upsetting organisms.  We do not like tummy aches..Grrrr…

Real Dogs family in spring

Barking about flowers, when planting, please check to see if your plants are pet friendly and use landscaping products prudently. Fertilizers, pesticides, cocoa bean mulch, and Easter Lilies are just a few common spring toxins.

Arf! I hear Mom getting my dinner ready, yes folks, I have her trained to serve me.  ROFBOL…don’t let her know that I pawed that up.  She doesn’t like to admit that I run this house,  BOL

MaGoo waits for his dinner
Mom, where is my dinner?

Before I go to have my meal served to me, get out and have funnigans!  Live in the moment, life is way to short to be taken all so seriously.  Tell your parents to live it up; be like us, living by our tail.  Woofoo!!  Spring is such a wonderful time to experience nature! Open a window enjoy the fresh air. Take us for a long walk, or, a hike. Come on, you’ve waited all winter for this, lap it up!

Bark and paw up; are you enjoying this spring?  What activities are you doing?  What spring tips do you have to share?

MaGoo wearing Woof hat
Woof! Woof!

Woof! Woof! 
Mr MaGoo