Woof! Whacha been up to?  Are you havin’ a pawsome summer?  Carla and I are at the mercy of Mom, oh kibble; furiends, we never know what to expect from her.  Lately, she has been giving us treats that are sweet, with spice in them. Wait!  Isn’t that me? Sugar and spice makes Goo just right!  HOL

A whole lot of right, woof!










Did you know that certain human spices are good for us dogs?  Yep, not pulling your tail, it is true.  Cinnamon is safe for us dogs and helps us in several ways. Oh those aches and pains, I refuse to admit I am a senior.  Arf!  Get this; it can help painful joints due to arthritis because it is an anti-inflammatory.  Arf! Have a tummy ache?  Cinnamon helps sooth our tummy ache; plus, it keeps bad dudes away that cause nasty infections.  Grrr…I do not like that dude call bacteria. Grrr… cinnamon helps fight bacterial and fungus, yuck!  What you have a big boo-boo?  Cinnamon helps the boo-boo stay clean and small. 

Cinnamon helps with our heart too!   Did you know it can aid in our blood movin’ and groovin’?  See, this spice, brings in a vital element to keep us healthy.  You might have heard of it, called oxygen.  It has blood thinning properties that help newly oxygenated blood arrive to our organs. How pawsome is that?  And, your parents can eat this too; as clean, healthy blood is essential in the fight against cancer for both humans and us pets.   

Sugar and Spice; who is who? BOL










Paw carefully though, have to avoid giving us way too much; otherwise, we get very sick.  Hmmm, not a good sight.  Arf!  Share this with your parents so you don’t get too much; Mom always say, all in moderation and this one time I have to agree with her.

Dog’s Weight

(on dog’s food once/day)

1-10 lbs

a small pinch

10-20 lbs

a bigger pinch about

20-50 lbs

2 pinches-1 teaspoon

50-100 lbs 10-

2 pinches-2 teaspoons

Over 100 lbs,

up to 1 tablespoon











Mom and I want to remind you my furiends, always have your parents ask Doc if you can have some before your parents start adding any cinnamon to your food.  Remind your parents too, just a little and to join you in having some.  Arf! Of course, I hope your parents don’t eat your treats like Mom did with ours!  Oh how paw- barrassing! She claims it was in the name of research, sure Mom, talk to the paw!  HOL Ok, it is true; Mom is doing it the name of research for our next book.  We all know whose book it truly is, just like my first one, mine!  Woof!

Cinnamon dog treats
Mom back off, these cinnamon treats are ours










Typing all about this spice has me wanting some “sugar”; you know a treat!  I don’t need any “sugar” as I have enuff “sugar” BOL   Off to go and have a treat that has cinnamon in it

Paw up; have you tried this spice in your diet?  Will you have your parents try it for you?

Bark at you later,

Mr MaGoo


2 Replies to “Sugar and Spice Makes It Just Right”

  1. Thanks for all that specific info about the cinnnamon, Goo! My elder doggie Luna will appreciate some in her food and I in mine as well. Very good information, thank you!

    1. Woof! Luna will wuv the taste of cinnamon and so will you! Just try not to be like our Mom and want our cinnamon treats too. BOL

      Mr MaGoo

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