Tasty Tuesday Brings Nori Pup Roll Recipe

Nori for dogs

Woof! Who is ready to have a roll or two for a snack?  Wait! We can “eat” roll? I thought “roll” was part of playing, now Mom barks to us, we can eat “roll” too and it is super healthy for us. Woofee

Nori for dogs
Did you know that nori is great for us dogs?

Show of paws; who knows what nori is?  Furiends, it is edible seaweed, has lots of protein and Vitamins C, E and all the Bs, and minerals such as zinc and copper.  Now, that sounds like a power paw snack to me.  

1 cup of rice
9 ounces of salmon
1 pack of unseasoned nori
1 stalk of celery (cut into thin strips)

Steam thoroughly rice as per instructions on package
Cover bamboo mat with plastic and have a small bowl of water for finger dripping (both prevent rice sticking to mat and fingers)
Take nori sheet and cut into two, allowing both pieces to fit on mat; remove the extra sheet and leave one on mat
Dip fingers in water bowl and begin spreading rice onto nori
Towards bottom of rice bed, small layer of salmon and celery…avoid putting too much on rice bed
Begin to roll all together, using your fingers to keep the mat, nori and rice bed snug
Once firmly rolled, slowly remove mat 
Cut into pieces and serve

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