Tasty Tuesday Pawlicious Crockpot Chicken and Veggies Dog Recipe

Woof! Furiends, this week’s recipe by far is my favorite.  Mom says it is hers too, very easy to make for us; and, super duper healthy.  This recipe for us dogs has veggies and chicken; when this is cooking, the house smells yummy!   Plus, this recipe uses flaxseed, cinnamon and turmeric, all are pawonderful for our health.  If you missed how Grr8 they are, go over and have a quick sniff around.  




2 cups of water



1 cup of fresh peas; if using canned peas, please use “no salt”

½ lbs of fresh carrots



1 whole chicken



¼ tsp coarse grounded flaxseed

¼ tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp turmeric



 1.     Place Base, Vegetables and Protein into the crockpot in the order given (layer, don’t mix).

2.       Cook on low for about 8+ hours (I usually cook on low overnight) 

3.       When done, stir, breaking up the chicken into small pieces. Everything will be quite soft, ensure to remove all bones.

4.       Let cool, add seasoning, mix, and serve; can be used with a quality kibble or by itself, in a serving size appropriate for your dog’s weight and activity level. Refrigerate unused portion; keeps up to three days.

5.       Can add fresh parsley, this helps keep their breath fresh


Use organic ingredients if possible. If you prefer substitutions/additions, here are suggestions; for vegetables, try broccoli florets, zucchini, spinach, sweet potatoes, green beans or any of several types of squash. For the protein source, beef cubes, turkey, salmon or lamb also work. Also, for base, can add brown rice too.

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