Excerpt from Real Dogs Don’t Whisper… Life lessons from a larger than life dog! (and his owner)

Kelly and Mr. Magoo have come together to produce an absorbing story detailing the adventures of this foster family of furry, loveable misfits, and the many life lessons learned along the way.

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Kelly Preston

Dr. Hilinski turned to me and said gravely, “In thirty minutes, we’ll have to call it, Kelly. I’m sorry.” I wanted to cry but knew I had to be strong. I just knew that Betty Boop would be able to feel my energy. When it was Gizmo’s time, I told her it was okay to go. Maybe the opposite approach would work this time. With two minutes left in the doctor’s grace period, I leaned in close to Betty Boop. “Mommy’s here,” I whispered. “It’s not your time to go yet. Not yet…not yet, my Betty Boop.” Suddenly she inhaled deeply, and then began breathing on her own. It was a miracle. “Amazing,” Dr. Hilinski said, and then repeated, ” amazing .”


Mr. MaGoo

I realized almost immediately that my single, greatest challenge would be the human. I set out to complete a few simple tests. She seemed to enjoy peek-a-boo and, since she grasped that concept with a fair amount of ease, I then attempted to teach her peek-a- poo . Well, that one didn’t go over nearly as well, so I decided to focus my energies on a comprehensive evaluation of the habitat security instead, and resolved to come back to project “lighten up human” at a later date or perhaps intermittingly as time permitted. Several glaring security issues were apparent, primarily involving the lack of boundaries being maintained to keep others out. I struggled to inform the human of the gravitas of the situation; she resisted badly and I, with no alternative, finally masterminded the perfect plot to illustrate the dilemma. I deduced the best way to tell her was to show her how easily one could get out-because if one can get out , one can most certainly get in.


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