Woof! Woofee it is a new year, new month and that means new beginnings. One thing that I have chewed on Mom’s ear about is, more treats! She doesn’t seem to listen to me when I bark about more treats. What the kibble is up with that? Why can’t I have more treats? After all, she takes us on these long, long walks. I paw-pose that these long walks are pawsome for us. This made me stop, sit, and pawonder is how Grr8 is walking for us?

Nose to the ground, started sniffing around and guess what? Furiends, did you know that by walking 30 minutes, three times a week, those little love handles can be reduced by 15%? Maybe our Mom isn’t so crazy after all! Folks, she walks us every day, twice a day, for one whole hour! Talk about over the kibble. However, I do have to admit, all this walking, keeps me too sexy. Oh yeah, I am too sexy for my sweater, too sexy.

Mr MaGoo Sweater
Woof! I am too sexy for my sweater

Folks, not only will walking help you bring sexy back, your parents will get sexy too. Ok, not as sexy as us, we all know that but we have to let our parents think they can be. Any paw, parents can reduce their extra tail by 5%. Now get this, all this walking will help both our parents and us feel happy, woofee! Now who doesn’t like to be happy, positive and do the Yappy Dance? Oh yeah, get down and shake your tail, tap your paws.

Furiends, do your parents seem like our Mom, with their fur is all over the place? I think humans call this stress, I say no to stress; walking will help their fur calm down. Also, this thing called blood pressure, well if it gets too high for either our parents or us that isn’t good. Yep, you guessed it, walking will help keep blood low and healthy. Now, I have to share another benefit to walking, pawlease do not tell Mom; ok, gather around, come closer. Walking will give our parents more energy; shhh, our Mom is off the gravy train with energy. She still hasn’t learnt “sit and stay”; she sits and pops right back up. It gets tiring following her around, sometimes I just need a break and would like for her to “sit and stay”; it is my job to keep an eye on her and I have to follow her. Hey! She may drop a carrot and I just have to be there and help her keep the floor clean. ROFBOL

All and all, Mom has the right idea about keeping us healthy on all levels. She says that a happy dog is a happy home; we aren’t getting in trouble, Doc is happy with our tests; and neighbors never complain about us. I guess I have to give high paws up for looking out for us. What about your parents? Do they take you out for a least three times a week? After a walk, are you ready for the Yappy Dance? I wuv to hear a bark or two from you.

Let's go for a walk
Woofee we are ready for our walk (toy included).

Time to go (for another) walk; and yes, Mini Me has his toy (never leave home without it)

Mr MaGoo