Hey everypawdy!  It’s me, your lovable Mr. MaGoo, back at the keyboard, just tapping away.  I hope every one of you dear readers has had a funtastic summer.   I know I did.  But since when do I NOT have fun?

Mr MaGoo enjoys swinging the day away
Mr MaGoo enjoys swinging the day away

For some reason, as we get ready to say goodbye to the summer sun on our bellies, I got to thinking about someone very dear to my family and I that we had to say bye bye to recently.   My eyes still leak when remembering my lil’ sis, Buffy.  Mom told me that no one thought she would live sooooo long.  But she did.

Buffy and Mr MaGoo on bench
Mr MaGoo and Buffy share big smiles for their furiends

Where am I going you all are pawbrably thinking?  Well, I think Buffy lived as long and as happy as she did, because she trusted not only the Goo Man, but also mom.  Ya see, us little guys and gals need to trust those that are taking care of us.

Mom and I are a team of crime fighters when it comes to the way humans treats animals.  Just call us Super MaGoo and Wonder Mom!  We’ve seen a lot of clowns mistreat my fellow fur friends.  How can they expect loyalty when they’re kicking us, hitting us, not feeding us and keeping us tied outside on a chain?

So I say, listen up folks, trust goes both ways.  You give us belly rubs, long walks, food, shelter and room to run and play and we’ll be your bestest friend in the whole world.  You will have our trust and loyalty for life, but we have to trust you guys to treat us with nothing but respect.  If you don’t, we’ll turn on ya.  Grrr!  You don’t want to get Mr. MaGoo mad at ya!  I may be little, but I’m mighty.

You can all trust me when I say, “See ya later!”

Mr MaGoo is ready for Halloween
Mr MaGoo is ready for Halloween



Mr. MaGoo


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