Mr MaGoo
Woof-looo to you

Woof!  It’s me again, your lovable fur friend, Mr. Magoo. 

Okay folks; remember in my last blog I introduced you to Terry James, my blind bud who found a home?  Well, have I got another tail wagging good story for you all.  Get ready.  Hang onto your chew toys, because this is just so pawsome!  I couldn’t believe my beautiful brown eyes when mom showed me the story.

Just when I thought I was the most amazing doggy dude, I read about Chloe, a guide dog from the non-profit organization, Pilot Dogs.  Chloe guided her human, Sami, who is blind, while she competed on the Lexington High School girls’ cross-country team.  My girl, Chloe guided her human around the obstacles and passed seven runners.  Go Chloe!! 

Sami and Chloe finish the race
Sami and my furiend, Chloe

It just goes to show you that we need you guys just as much as you need us.  I would be nowhere without my mom and sisters.  And, well, let’s face it, what would they do without moi?   My job is never ending.  Just like Chloe, it is my job to make sure my human and fur sisters are safe, happy, and well entertained.   Let’s face it; canine and human are a match made in heaven. Speaking of entertained; have you seen my latest video?  I am workin’ it..BOL…I just crack myself upside down and over paws. It seems that those clowns on the Ohio High School Athletic Association were not going to let Sami compete with Chloe, because apparently dogs aren’t allowed.  Grrr.  That’s just wrong.  But thanks to head coach, Denise Benson, who fought for Sami’s right to run in the race, even if that meant having good ol’ Chloe tag along, Sami has become quite the little competitor.

Do you have a job for your human?  If so, what is it?  Or, do you wish you had a job and what would it be? 

Oops, the human is home.  Gotta clean the nose prints off the computer and go tell my sisters to get ready to meet her at the door. Sami and Chloe

Until next time, faithful readers.