Woof! Sorry I haven’t been pawing a note or two like I normally do, for those that may not know, Mom moved us.  No, I am not barking about moving down the street, she moved us from one state to another.  Woofee, talk about a long car ride; I think the next time Mom asks, “Want to go bye-bye”, I am going to pass.  No more “let’s go bye-bye” for me.  All kibble aside, even though it took furever to get here, we have a big place and yard!  Mini Me is having lots of funnigans in our new yard, even I am kicking my paws up and enjoying the grass.  All this playing, we are dragging dirt in, keeping Mom busy with cleaning.

Mini Me enjoying yard
Arf! Ready to play?

The other day, Mom was busy cleaning, I walked by (oh yes, I like to make new paw prints where she just erased my prints BOL) and what the kibble was that smell?! I looked at the bottle and it said, vinegar; now furiends, I had to look this smelly thing called vinegar up.  Well, it turns out, while it may not have a pleasant smell, Mom knew what was best for us (and her).  Did you know that vinegar could be used to clean our ears? It is true, vinegar will help us pets keep our ears clean and keep away ear mites and bacteria.  Simply bark to your parents to simply mix 2 parts of vinegar, 1 part water, pour a small amount on a cotton ball and wipe our ears.  Now, if you have a small cut, do not let your parents use vinegar as it will hurt and any cut should be seen by Doc.  

Ok, bet you a treat that you didn’t know that vinegar could be used for gardening.  Get this! It is safe for us pets!  Mom was out in our new yard, spraying vinegar; I barked to her what was she doing and she said weed control.  Woof!  Furiends, after several hours, the weeds were no longer!  Also, there are other furiends out there that have paws or hoofs and may not be invited to your yard.  If your parents want to keep furiends out there aren’t invited to your yard, simply have them spray around the yard.  No, this will not hurt these animals; just they are like me and think it stinks too, which will make them stay away.  

How does your dog bed and blanket smell?  A little doggy?  Yep, you guessed it; vinegar can be used to wash your bed and blankets.  The vinegar will help keep out the bad dudes like fleas and bacteria.  When Mom washes our bed and blankets with vinegar, our beds are fresh and no bad dudes.  Plus, there aren’t any sweet smells from products that could harm us.

Mr MaGoo dog blankets
Woofee time to wash our blankets

Do your parents us vinegar to clean?  What other purposes do your parents use vinegar?  If they aren’t sure about this, bark to them that vinegar is non-toxic around us dogs, costs very little kibble and does pawsome things like fight bad dudes.  Share your story about how your parents use vinegar around you and other pets.   

Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo

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