Woof! Whacha doing?  Did you have lots of funnigans today?  Long walks?  Mom took us a very long walk, we didn’t come back for hours, I was getting ready to stop in the middle of trail and not move any more.  OMD!  Finally, we arrived home and took a long nap.  

Mr MaGoo and Carla Mae taking a break
Mr MaGoo and Carla Mae taking a break

Today though is much more about funnigans, long walks and naps, it is Thanksgiving.  Today is about taking time out from all the funnigans and to give thanks to family, furiends and God.  Today is about giving thanks to all that have helped us along the way; brightened our days; gave us wuv. Today is about acknowledging how truly blessed we are and say thank you.  What are you thankful for?

Furiends, today is also remembering those that need our help and being there to lend a paw.  I barked to Mom that we are ever so thankful for her; all that she does for us; being there to hold our paw when we aren’t feeling well; and always being there to play with us.  I pawonder though, what about our furiends that do not have a Mom or Dad?  Who holds their paw?  Who plays with them?  Who gives them blankets, bed, toys?  Who give them wuv?

Today is a day to be thankful for all your kibble; but, why not give some of your blessings to furiends in need?  I know that Mom will be giving some of our toys and blankets to furiends in need.  Bark to your parents to help a furiend in need, I bet a treat that they and you will be thankful you did.  Once you do, what will you be thankful for?


Mr MaGoo

Happy Thanksgiving from Real Dogs Don't Whisper
Happy Thanksgiving from Real Dogs Don’t Whisper