Woof! Have you noticed that it is getting warmer out?  That means time to begin walking either a lot earlier in the day; or, later in the day.  Furiends, as temperatures begin warming up, remember to drink  lots of water and stay cool.  Us Lhasa’s and Shih’s, we do not handle heat very well, give us cooler temperatures any day.  Folks, if you go and ask Mom though, she is all happy that it is warm. 


Twinkle Star out on a warm day
Twinkle Star enjoying a warm day out on the trail (available for adoption HSSV.org)

This had me pawondering, am I only the only one pawtesting to Mother Nature?  Not happy with her and her temperature selection right now.  Woof! Furiends, did you know that there these things called reptiles?  What the kibble is a reptile?  Turns out there are bad reptiles, one is called a rattlesnake.  Now, I haven’t been near a rattlesnake; see, Mom is overprotected at times, this is one time I am so glad she is.  After doing some digging, I was able to sniff out that rattlesnakes are bad for us dogs and our parents. 

Since rattlesnakes are bad and dangerous, what should us dogs do to stay safe? The first tip I am going to paw up, I know you are not going to like, this will help save your life.  You need to tell Doc you want a shot.  No, I am not kidding! Now stay with me on this one, should I lock the gate so you do not run out of the yard?  BOL!  There is a shot that Doc can give you that is made from other rattlesnakes, I know sounds crazy!  What this shot does, heaven to kibble if one of these dudes bite you (don’t bite back!), the shot will delay the awful reaction.  This will allow your parents to get you to the ER, for another shot.  Without the first shot, your parents may not have time to get you to the ER on time.  So, the most important tip is this one; bark up a storm to your parents that you want this shot, especially if you live an area where these rattlesnakes hang out.

Dog training rattlesnakes
Dog undergoing training to avoid rattlesnakes

Another important tip, stay close to your parents.  Woof! Yes I know, if you are like me, want to run free through the grass and fields; running free to chase birds, butterflies and pick up sticks along the way.  Wait! What is that noise?  Sounds interesting, now being a dog, want to go, check it out, nose to the ground…ouch! See, that is what could happen if your parents allow you to run free.  Docs all over say that the one of the best prevention, is for our parents to keep us on a short leash in areas that rattlesnakes hang out.  Hmmm, when rattlesnakes hang out, what do they rattle about?

I don’t know about you, I certainly do not want to take on this dude, rattlesnake.  How about you? Did you ever run into a rattlesnake?  Any furiends out there have a story to share to help save other furiends?

Stay safe my furiends

Mr MaGoo

Mr MaGoo rattlesnake tips
Stay safe out there furiends