arf! arf!  Furiends, it is me, Mini Me! Mr MaGoo has been giving me lessons on how to use the iPaw and paw up a note or two.  He said that he thinks I will soon be ready to write my own book, whacha think about that?  I pawonder if my book would be called “Real Dogs Are Puppies?”  ROFBOL Hmmm, might have to give that one more thought.   For now, Mr MaGoo said I would try my paw at my first blog.  Wooffeeee how will I ever fill his paws?  Mighty big paws to fill.

Mr MaGoo's paw print
Mr MaGoo’s paw print

(quick lap around the sofa, up the stairs, down the stairs, chase the ball…pant, pant, pant)

So when Mr MaGoo shared with me that I would be doing this week’s blog, I had to sit and think about what would I write.  Then, I heard Mom off in the distance; “Mini Me!! Come here we need to talk about what you just did!”  I knew what to write about furiends at that point; where is the harm in a little mischief?  Umm, I guess our parents just don’t get it, do they?  Gosh tail, they can be so serious at times; and, all these rules, how is a pup to have fun?

Mini Me all smiles and ready for fun
Mini Me all smiles and ready for fun

(woofeee Carla is up; Carla let’s play..come on! )

I don’t mean to be a little naughty, it just happens.  It mostly happens when I am, (big yawn) bored.  There is just so much to see, to do, to smell, to claim; Mom just needs to understand I have a lot of energy and need exercise.  Furiends, exercise does help keep us out of trouble.   Plus, I was born with mischief in my DNA (woof I had to ask Mr MaGoo about that!).  See I was born with charisma; just like Mr MaGoo, I know how to work it.  See me smile and give you “the look”; can only mean one thing, here comes trouble.  ROFBOL

Mini Me ready to stir up funnigans
Mini Me ready to stir up funnigans

(oh what is that over there?  I think I need to go and find out!)

I am a Shih Tzu, and us Shih Tzu’s are mischievous by heart.  We like to perform, love humor and wuv attention.  Mom says that is the pawfect set up for mischief.  What Mom doesn’t understand, us Shih Tzu’s wuv to keep our parents happy, and that may mean being silly and a little naughty.  Furiends, it is all in good, clean fun. 

Mini Me being a little devil
Mini Me being a little devil

(Mom put the toys back in the baskets, of course she put my favorite toy at the bottom of each basket, just need to pull them all back out…arf!)

Am I alone in having funnigans?  Do you like to have a little mischief?  What do you do for a little mischief?

(Hey Mr MaGoo!  How did I do?  Hold on, there is a squirrel….and he is off..)

Mini Me distracted
Mini Me distracted

Woof! Mr MaGoo here furiends, appears Mini Me is not quite ready, thank kibble that I was here to save the day.  It is pawfectly clear who wears the paws in this house!  Mr MaGoo here to save the day.  Oh my!  Mom’s hair is flying all over the place (yep, lookin’ like the crazy lady she is) chasing Mini Me.  I better go and help. 

Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo (and Mini Me)

Mr MaGoo in control
Mr MaGoo in control

2 Replies to “What Is Wrong With A Little Mischievous Play?”

  1. Hey Goo n Mini Me…Cleo n Eddie here!!! BOL for the pawsome blog note..we can tell you all about mischief, as much as we feel bad about it now, we have to admit that we were not always the ‘lil angles we are now…BAHAHAHA…ok we may not be angles but we are not as naughty as we once were. You see Cleo is the queen of all things naughty and silly and I, Eddie am her sidekick and the lookout. So when she would be chewing on mommy’s new shoes or getting into Daddy’s laundry, I was always there making sure that we weren’t going to get in trouble!!! Boy was I wrong…we got caught everytime and got timeouts and the silent treatment. Then mommy realised taht she only had to divert our energy to something more productive, and that is how we got into agility training. We don’t compete or anything like that, we just like to go to the agility track once a week to blow off some steam. We also go running with mom 3 times a week and to make sure that we dont get bad knees mommy gives us glucosamine and missing link. So our point is that mischief is pawsome, but pups and parents both need to find a way to make it more fun and productive. Oh BTW, you guys all rock!!!

    1. Double Woof to that Cleo and Eddie!!

      Just today Mom took all of us for a walk, what she did next was pawsome. She left Carla Mae and I come back in the house (yes, we are a little older and just can’t keep up like we used to); she took Mini Me out for a VERY long walk.

      I kept tapping my paws waiting for them to come back. Woofeee, they finally came back after I tapped my paws over 90 times (I thought 1 paw tap/minute should be good). Mini Me fell on the kitchen floor and fell asleep.

      Sounds like your Mom is Grr8; the more exercise we have and keep our minds alert, the less mischief we get into. I have to admit, some mischief is fun though. ROFBOL

      Mr MaGoo (Carla Mae and Mini Me)

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