Woof! Show of paws; did you pawlebrate Howlween?  You bet your kibble we did, now Mom didn’t get us too dressed up, she kept it to what we like.  For Carla Mae, she wuvs her bows (Buffy taught her that); Mini Me is learning after me, we both sported our bandanas.  Mini Me also found the Grr8 pumpkin!  I hear there is this dude, Charlie Brown, seeking the Grr8 pumpkin.  Not sure what was so hard finding it, Mini Me found it like easy peasy.  

Mini Me with pumpkin
Mini Me found the Grr8 pumpkin

Of course maybe it is because Mini Me is such a young pup, Mom tells Carla Mae and myself that we are senior.  Furiends, she uses this word called, geriatric; what the kibble is that?  Off to Goo(gle)it and I did not like what I saw, I had to use my paw to cover my eyes and dare not shared with what I dug up with Carla Mae.  Oh this will make your tail shudder, furiends if you are 7 years old or older,  you are geriatric. Trust me, I am not pulling your tail on this!  I don’t know about you, I am no senior; maybe Carla is, not me though.  I can run circles around Mini Me, well, after a few naps.

Mr MaGoo and Carla Mae nap
Mr MaGoo and Carla Mae nap

Sigh, maybe it is true, I have noticed that both Carla Mae and I are slowing down, sleeping more; Carla’s eyes are not as Grr8 as they were and she barely hears a thing.  For me, my hearing is sharp, my sight I have to confess is not as sharp as it was a year ago.  Arf! I pawonder what else Carla and I will experience?

That got me out there sniffing around, what I dug up is pawsome stuff to know.  And, did you know this month is National Senior Pet Month?  See, back in September I dug up that that was a month dedicated to for pet wellness. In case you missed my note or two in September, here ya go: September is National Pet Wellness Month Pawfect time to share all this Grr8 information!  

Furiends, if you haven’t been spoiled yet, now is your time!  Tell your parents that you now need (of course, I will be insisting!) an orthopedic bed.  See as we, ummm, mature, our joints don’t move as well as they did when we were pups.  An orthopedic bed assists with giving us support while we rest, I bark, wooofeeee to that!  Our Mom still takes us on these VERY long walks, she now though takes us for our VERY long walk and then goes back out with Mini Me for another VERY long walk.  She knows that Carla and I need to lighter exercise, this helps keep our sexy on, aids us in staying alert and stimulates our joints and blood flow.  As much as Carla and I do not want to go some days, we know it is important for us and we try not to give Mom too hard of a time.

Carla enjoys Buffy's orthopedic bed
Carla enjoys Buffy’s orthopedic bed

Arf! Here is the best part of being mature and distinguished, massages! Double woof to this!  We get daily massages as Mom tells us that this helps for several reasons.  One, she is able to detect if any bad dudes are visiting.  Two, it helps with our blood movin’ and groovin’ in our bodies.  Three, massages help our muscle tone too.  And of course, let’s not furget the true reason why Carla and I wuv massages; we get time with Mom and it feels pawsitively delightful.

Hmm, I guess being geriatric isn’t too bad after all.  Parents spoil us more, we get massages, and we get to take extra naps. (yawn..) Furiends, barking about naps, Carla and I are ready for one.  Off to go and take a nap, when I return, would wuv to hear from you?  Are you in these finer years?  How are your parents helping?  Have you noticed that you are slowing down?

Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo 

Mr MaGoo pawondering
Mr MaGoo pawonders