Woof! Mom and I were just out walking with my sister, Carla.  We were walking and all of a sudden there was a puppy! Arf! What was this puppy doing out on the sidewalk at this time of the night alone?  Oh no, I can’t have this, I have to get this puppy back to his Mom in a tail waggin’ second.  

I immediately ran up to greet him, introduced myself and Carla; asked him his name and where was his Mom.  His name was Chulo and was lost, he went onto bark that he got away from his Mom and she was unable to keep up.  Mr MaGoo to the rescue! Arf!  After all, Mom has trained me over the years to help others and tonight wasn’t any different.  

Chulo is lost
Woof! Are you lost? I am! Would you help me find my parents? You bet, Woof!

I held his paw and told him that both my Mom and I were here to help.  I howled do you know where you came from; poor little guy was scared and didn’t know which direction to go.  Then, there it was!  He not only had a collar and leash on, he had tags.  Double woof! 

I ran over to Mom and asked her for my iPaw.  She pulled it out and I dialed the digits that were on the tag, oh kibble, pawlease let the digits be correct.  First set, I had to bark at this recording.  Grrr  I tried the second set of digits and a lady answered.  Now, I am not one to give a description of my lost furiend; no bones about it, I asked the lady on the other end of my iPaw to describe my new furiend.  Whew!  She did with the greatest of kibble.  

Chulo was returned to his Mom; what made this a yappy tail ending, his Mom kept Chulo’s tags current.

Chulo returned to his Mom
Chulo returned to his Mom

Do your parents keep your information up to date?  Run over to them and ask for a bark; one for yes and two that they need to update your information.  Did it work?  Are they using your iPaw to update?

Off to go and take a nap,

Mr MaGoo