Woofoo everyone!!  It’s me, your lovable furiend, Mr. MaGoo, hoping everyone had a pawonderful weekend.  Carla Mae and I sure did.  That big yellow thing in the sky was beating down on us, making us feel soooo good.  Plus, it was Mother’s Day weekend, how Grr8 was that?  What did you get your Mom?  Carla and I gave Mom flowers; we did try to do cook breakfast, that didn’t work.

Dogs with Mother's Day flowers
Flowers we gave Mom for Mother’s Day


It’s the week work again (Grrrr)!  So, that means all of our humans are off and leaving us for that bad dude, called a job.  No matter how much Carla Mae and I bark and block the door, mom still goes off and doesn’t come back till late in the day.  Does your parents take all day to do business? 

That got me thinking – us awesome dogs need a job too!  Otherwise it can get awful boooring around the house.  Now, me, I already have a job.  I am Super MaGoo, protector of everypawdy! Carla Mae is my helper; at least that’s what I let her think. 

Carla Mae helping me in the kitchen
Carla Mae helping me in the kitchen


Some of my furiends out there are not as lucky as I am to have such a job.  Most dogs just lay around with nothing to do.  And that is not cool, man.  You gotta keep us busy.  We love to run, sniff and track objects. 

Here are some pawrific jobs for us canines.  Obstacle courses let us go nuts, running, weaving, and jumping.  We got super sniffers, so why not try hiding our favorite toy or bone in the backyard.  If you throw it, we’ll run for it – ALL DAY LONG!  We might just wear you out.  We will also be glad to fetch you anything you want – your slippers, newspaper, or anything else you might want, as long as there is a treat waiting for us. 

Treat Trail Game for Dogs
Carla Mae on the “find the treat” trail Mom makes for us

Remember people, all day without play, makes us dogs very, very mischievous.  Me, I’m the king of mischief.   There are some stories that mom and Carla Mae would love to bark about me, but I’ve sworn them to secrecy.  I don’t want others following in my pawsteps. 

Mr MaGoo making mischief
Do I dare climb up? Mischief is my middle name..BOL

Do you have a job?  Bark up what your job is, let’s share. Woof! Woof! 

Have a pawtastic day!