Woof! Ahh, fall is in the air and that means soon time for cooler temperatures and what humans call, “comfort food”.  Of course, if you ask me, all food is comfort, that is until there is a rumble in my tummy.  Let me tell you furiends, when my tummy rumbles, it hurts; even worse, sometimes, I make these weird noises that release funky smells.  Yuck!  Thank kibble it doesn’t happen often to me; however, Carla Mae it is happening to a lot.  Turns out, Mom is giving her probiotics; yes, us pets take probiotics (#petprobiotics) too.  And, may I add, now Carla Mae doesn’t make the room smell funny anymore and her tummy doesn’t hurt either.

Carla Mae is happy due to no more digestive issues
Carla Mae is happy no rumble in tummy

This got me pawondering; what are probiotics? Are pet probiotics different than human probiotics?  Why are they important? Off I went, sniffing the trail to Goo(gle), stopping along the way to have treat or two; have I mentioned lately how much I wuv carrots?!  I taught Mini Me to wuv carrots, I think too much, he now wants them all the time. Any paw, along the trail, I dug up pawsome facts that I just have to share with you.

Mini Me enjoys carrots just like Mr MaGoo
Mini Me stop taking my carrots

Furiends, you know how I refer to bad dudes that make us sick?  Get this! There are good dudes that help us too! Woofee! Probiotics are good dudes (humans call it bacteria, umm, I like good dudes better  bol) that help our food move along in our body. Hold onto your fur, this next fact is pawsitively pawsome; it will help the bad dude “C” from growing in our tummy.  Mom, may I have a double dip of probiotics? (#petprobioticspreventscancer)

See furiends, it helps keep our body healthy and fight infections and disease.  When our body is happy and healthy, that means less trips to Doc; that means more kibble in our bowl, if you know what I mean.  Woof!  So, how can you get probiotics?  This is easy peasy!  You can thank me later for this one; so, send carrots.  BOL  Just kidding.   There are products out there that are made just for us to help us increase our probiotics.   See, sniff all of these out. Of course, before adding any new item to your food, your parents should always talk to Doc first.

I hear Mom getting our dinner ready, which will include a dose of probiotics.  Do you take probiotics?  Did you know that they can help us fight “C”, infections, cholesterol and so much more?  Paw up a note or two, would wuv to hear from you.

Mr MaGoo enjoying the view
Coming Mom!

Mr MaGoo