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  1. Hello,

    I was looking at a client’s website and I came across your site. I saw that there were some mistakes with your website that is causing you to lose money to your competitors.

    I made a quick video going over these issues and I’d like to show you what they are for free. (I normally charge for this..)

    Let me know if you would like to see the video and I’ll drop a link!


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  2. I think you misspelled the word “Dont” on your website. If you want to keep errors off of your site we’ve successfully used a tool like in the past for our websites. A nice customer pointed out our mistakes so I’m just paying it forward :).

  3. Are you looking for effective online promotion that actually gets good results? I apologize for sending you this message on your contact form but actually that was the whole point. We can send your ad copy to websites via their contact forms just like you’re getting this note right now. You can target by keyword or just go with bulk blasts to websites in the location of your choice. So let’s assume you would like to blast a message to all the contractors in the USA, we’ll grab websites for just those and post your advertisement to them. As long as you’re promoting some kind of offer that’s relevant to that type of business then you’ll get awesome results!

    Send a quick note to to get details about how we do this

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