Woof! Fall is here, that means cooler temperatures and gets dark earlier than summer. With cooler temperatures, we get to go on more walks, some are doing when it is dark out. Got me to pawonder; how to walk your dog at night and stay safe. Walking your dog at night brings on safety concerns and I am here to bark up a few pet safety tips to keep in mind. #petsafety #walkingyourdogatnight

Arf! Arf! Walking your dog at night has a lot of pawsitively great reasons, also has concerns that need to be woofed about. The first concern, how are we to see where our paws land? Or, what about those humans in cars, can they see us? Oh yeah, of course, we want our parents to see where they are taking us. Since I prefer to stay indoors these days, night time walking is no longer my cup of kibble. Fancy, Mini Me, and Twinkle Star all can do the night time walk, lit up! Yep, Mom bought these small lights that hook onto their harness’, which helps humans see them coming. I have to admit, the lights are pawsome because they flash. And, to take it one paw print further, Mom picked up reflective harnesses and leashes.

Small LED lights added to your dog's harness helps keep walking your dog at night safe

Not sure where to dig up pawsome lights and reflective harnesses? Check these yards out, one is even a backpack, your parent’s phone can go in there.

Clip on Dog Collar LED Lights, designed by Friends Forever®
This is a 5 pack Go ahead and take a peek
Pet Life Double-Ring Pet Harness With Reflective Strip
Complete with a pocket Check it out

Now that you are lit up, how about where are your parents taking you? May I recommend to bark to your parents to stay in well-lighted areas? And, if you have a lot of wildlife, coyotes for instance; stay close to homes and not out on very dark trails. In fact, stay off dark trails and save them for the daylight.

Oh yeah! Don’t forget your iPaw, humans call it a cell phone. Seriously?! When are they going to realize it is much cooler to say iPaw? Just never know when you need to make a call to someone. It is always wise to carry your parent’s phone while out on any walk; now, what is not wise, parents talking or texting on the phone while walking you. (Sigh) That is another topic for another blog.

Basically parents, it just comes down to three simple tips for walking your dog at night:

  • Have us and you lit up
  • Walk in well-lighted areas
  • Have a cell phone with you (just in case)

Reflective harness for walking your dog at night