Woof! Well, Mom did it again, she had us move; this time, she said this is our very own. Reminds me back in San Diego where we stayed for a very long time; all this moving has Carla Mae and I walking in circles. Now, Doc is telling Mom it is because we have vestibular disease. Not sure what vestibular disease is, I think it is because of all the moving. Woof!


When I heard Doc tell Mom, vestibular disease, made me pawonder what the kibble is this that has Carla and I spinning. Turns out, this is very common for us older dogs. Trust me furiends when I bark this, our world is spinning and slightly tilted; Carla and I shared notes about this, we both tilt our heads to have the world feel right.

What causes vestibular disease in dogs?

Woof! While Mom and Doc aren’t quite sure what is causing our vestibular, there are several causes. The first thing Doc has to determine which type; central vestibular or peripheral. Central is less common and is very serious; this one could be caused by bad dudes, like “c” and affects the central nervous system. The peripheral type can be caused by old age (grr, do not like getting old), ear infection, hypothyroidism (Carla has this), tumors, and stroke.

How did Mom figure this out? Mom had help, Doc helped too. Doc took a look in our eyes and they are darting back and forth. Carla walks with a slight head tilt and large circles. I am now walking in circles, woofee sometimes I get so dizzy from walking in the same direction.


Walking in circles can make our tummies upset, the first treatment is making our tummy happy. The next thing Doc told Mom, make sure we are still able to eat and drink, sometimes it gets confusing where we are with the room and floor spinning. Mom made a cave for me and Carla Mae a special eating room. Vestibular disease in dogs Mom has begun carrying us outside too; we really get lost trying to find the door now.


Furiends, if your parents aren’t sure what is the cause, the first paw print to take is find out why, which will help plan the treatment.

What is Mom going to do? Nothing, she says that she wants to ensure we are comfortable and no more stress. She will monitor us; making sure we can stand or sit for eating; help us walk and never let us fall. Mom pawmorised that we will always have our dignity and the best quality of life, she will always keep us comfortable and safe.

After all, that is what a parent does, right?

Back to my cave where I feel safe, Mr MaGoo.

Vestibular disease in dogs