Woof! Yours truly here behind the pawboard, pawing up a storm from my iPaw.  BOL Just had to use “paw” as much as possible.  Whacha think, clever?  BOL Ok seriously folks, I am just sitting back watching Mom and Carla playing together; oh my, there was a time when Carla would not play, she would bite, snarl, and growl.  Remember Chapter 6 in my book?  I called her “Raspy House Guest” Arf! Not very girly girl, if you ask me.  No worries, I stepped up to the bowl and helped bring play and funnigans in our house.  After all, that is my pawpose, Mr MaGoo the Entertainer.

Mr MaGoo in pawpose
“Woofollo, me being just me; “Mr MaGoo The Entertainer”

This got me pawondering; do we all have a pawpose in life?  No matter if dog, cat, horse or human; don’t cha think we all were given a pawpose?  No doubt it, Mom’s pawpose is to be our leader (shhh, don’t tell her but I let her think she is..bol); she wuvs, cares, provides and even protects us.  When we aren’t feeling well, she is there to hold our paws; give us kisses and tell us that all is fine.  She keeps us calm; exercises us; and keeps Carla straight.  BOL Ok, it is really me that she has to keep me on a short leash.  I think Mom at times has a crystal paw, she seems to know what is bothering us and eases us.  How about your parents?  Do they have the same pawpose as my Mom?

Let’s not stop at the tail, there is more waggin’ to do around pawpose.  See folks, us pets have pawpose in your lives too.  Going back to Carla’s story, she came in our pack very angry; turned out it wasn’t that she was angry it was because she felt unloved and frightened.   I tried to help Mom, Carla wasn’t having it; she would snarl, growl and bite.  I was ready to drag her toys, bed, and bowls out and convince Mom that Buffy, Betty Boop and I were purrfectly happy as is. 

Buffy pulled me to the side and advised me that it was our pawpose to share our wuv just like Mom has done.  Why was Buffy always right?!  I grumbled and kicked my paws in the air and trotted off.  Carla came in the room; really, I didn’t want any part of her at this point.  I got to thinking about what Buffy barked at me; Mom embracing us with wuv and thought I would give it one more try.  

Buffy and Mr MaGoo on bench
“Buffy having a heart to heart bark up with me”

Guess what?  Carla opened up; man, did she have a lot to bark about.  See folks, if I had not carried what my pawpose was, Carla would never be the happy little dog she is today.  When it comes down to it; all any pet or human needs to do is; lend a helping paw to those in need, by doing this, your true pawpose shines right through.  Mine? Deliver lots of laughs everywhere I go. 


Lhaso Apso dogs
“Teaching Carla Mae how to play fetch”

I recently read to Mom this an article by Val Heart; “Do Animals Have Life Purpose? “.  Guys, get this, she communicates to us!  It is true! She is The Real Dr Doolittle™ After reading it, I just had to bark very loudly; you bet we have a pawpose!  Show of tails waggin’; do you have a pawpose in your pack?  How did you show your pawpose?

Speaking of pawpose; Mom is calling me to help her laugh, duty calls.

Bark at ya later,

Mr MaGoo




2 Replies to “You Bet We Have A Pawpose!”

  1. Dear Mr MaGoo,
    You are one super smart puppy dog, Kelly is really lucky to have you in her life. I find that we all need jobs that follow our pawpose, er, purpose, and that when we are supported to fulfill our purposes here, then we are very happy campers.

    As you know, Kelly, you and I discussed this on my podcast, The Real Dr Doolittle Show. So if any of your wonderful readers who also feel a purpose calling their hearts want to check that out, they can find it on iTunes, or just go to


    Val Heart
    The Real Dr Doolittle and Leading Animal Communication Expert
    Founder of The H.E.A.R.T. System(tm) – a 5 step proces for solving problems with pets

    1. Good Woofing Val,

      Did you hear me communicate on your show? I just had to get a bark in edgewise. Off to go and do a big pawpose, time to tell Mom it is time for breakfast; if it wasn’t for me, I have to pawonder how she would exist. (bol)

      Mr MaGoo

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